I am from Argentina.
I want to enter to digital painting, and I need pc reference.
I will use Painter 9 most of the time.
This is the pc I was thinking.

CPU: A64 3200+ (2.2 Ghz) (754)
Motherboard: K8N Neo3-F (nForce4) (754)
RAM: 512mb x 2 Kingston
Monitor: Samsung 997mb (19")
VGA: msi 5700le
HD: wd 80gb 8mb cache SATA

The Motherboard (754) will be limited to 1gb of ram (2 slots of 512)
For the same price I can go for a A64 3000+ (1.8 Ghz) (939) and a K8N Neo2 Platinum board...
But that is 400 Mhz less...
I dont need the upgrade future of the 939...

-Will Painter 9 run decently in this?
-What other configuration can be better?
-The HT of the 939 worth 400 Mhz?

I dont have $$$ to spare so, this is the limit.

Real thanks to all.
Good luck.