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This Is Christopher R. Wacker I must say thanks for taking the time to look me up. I hope you enjoy my work. I am a mid twenties white male trying to make a name for myself. I have a twisted view of this world, in which everything speaks to me to come out. I do my best too keep from living on the streets. I have a really good ability to convey what I feel through my work. My medium is digital art. I use complex mathematical equations on top of my original creations to produce what you will see. Keep in mind I do not say much about my work. I feel that it is you who will see what you want to see. Then call it what you will. You can talk to me on AOL Instant Mensenger. Username " VampyreXefon ". I am online every night around 12:00 midnight EST.

Every piece is for sale, but limited to ONE and autographed. Pieces will be 36x36 or larger depending on leading edge. They will be framed with Plexiglas $350 US$ per item, you can also get better prices by getting more than one. You can also purchase an image that will me mailed to you burnt to a CD. Single Image from a CD with different formats for $30 shipping included to lower 48 states. Each additional Image is only $10 more (on CD only). Get a screensaver on CD with many of my images for $25 shipping included. With the images on CD they will be pintable at your local printshop. They will have a digital watermark embedded in a coner with my name and contact information. Please email me with what Items you want @ TheXArts@hotmail.com I use paypal for online purchases. I will soon have posters for sale. Outside the US shipping rates increase. Also you can buy the rights to use my work. I am trying to go back to school to get an education and to have a better artistic talent. Some may see that as constraining my talent, but I think that it will only open my eyes wider to the true form of art. Again let me say thank you for looking at my work. Christopher R.Wacker

Been referred to as the "H.R Giger of digital". My favorite artist's are....Giger of course....BROM...And... Joseph Vargo.


8-12-05 Just making random updates. Also I got voted into a fine art club. They just up and contated me and said "your In". We will see if that opens any new doors for me.


Christopher..........I have seen your work at ebsq and found it awesome. "Carolyn and Bob"

Your artwork is definitely amazing, I like the darkness contained it, and the complexity of the atmospheres. You make a great use of your influences of Giger and Vargo. "Catherine Lachance "

I thought they were pretty cool. Fanciful is a word that comes to mind. I could see these as paintings in a living room or art gallery, as tattoos or even as screensavers. The anime girl caught my eye. Very nice."David Williams" Red Scream Magazine.

Great artwork! , totaly f*cking amazing!" Pentalamia, Cheers The Lamia Antitheus Crew. (www.lamia-antitheus.com)

Me and the crew of Aeons Confer checked out ya pictures and must announce, that they´re f*cking incredible beautiful, man!!!! They really kick ass, wow dude! Hey so what do you think about, doing a frontside/backside or inlay-stuff for our upcoming debut @ the end of this year? Do ya like to do an Aeons Confer Theme? Best regards Nils & Aeons Confer www.aeonsconfer.com

You are a promising artist. Your examples are very good and yes more variation will come with time and inspiration. Like the greens! Good luck!

I looked up your site and enjoyed your beautiful art. I particularly liked the Alien. Your art is very unique and effective. Rassouli

Current Projects

Doing Artwork For the upcoming Full length Album. Of "Aeons Confer" Check Out their website. http://www.aeonsconfer.com

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The Daily Depression.Christopher is a self-taught artist that has been creating works of art for over 20 years. His digital work really captures your attention and holds your eye. He has received many positive reviews and has even been compared to H.R. Giger! He's very prolific and has agreed to share some of his amazing artwork with The Daily Depression. Full interview at URL below. http://www.dailydepression.com/art.htm