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    Ender's Game (spoilers!)

    Damn, I've been thinking about re-reading the entire Ender's Game series. Anybody else read this?

    It did get me to seriously question, "What would happen if the Muslim world DID become united under a single Caliph? Such as how the entire Christrian world is.. more or less... united under a single Pope." One thing for sure is that it would end the in-fighting between Sunni's and Shiites. But what would be the world's reaction? What would be the Muslim reaction?

    To answer my own question, I think it would depend most heavily on what kind of person the Caliph is. If it's someone like Osama Bin Laden, then you can guess what might happen. If it's someone like Alai, in the book, then there could be peace, unity, and prosperity for the Muslim world. A dictator, such as August Caesar, can make an entire empire flourish! And vice versa, with a dictator like Hitler, can create world-wide havoc.

    Also, could Card's prediction that the old world historical rivalries will cause us to resort back to a monarchy system be valid? In the final book, Shadow of the Giant, Alai becomes Caliph of the Muslim world, such as the first prophet Muhammed. Muslims haven't had a Caliph in... what?... centuries? Han Tzu becomes the Emperor of China, Shen becomes the Emperor of Japan, Suriyawong becomes the Chakri of Thailand, Vlad becomes the Tzar of Russia, and Virlomi becomes a goddess of India.

    Do you think such a transition could actually happen? I am convinced so... IF the muslim world is united under a Caliph. It would literally force the Chinese to mandate a new emperor, to give it's huge population a uniting force to challenge the Muslims. That would in turn cause other countries to reinstate kings and emperors and dictators, to effectively control their people and military.

    I remember one of my history professors telling us that political systems are recycled. First there's anarchy, because there's no order. Then there's monarchy, after one strong man beats everyone up and makes himself the leader. Then a group of the smartest guys get together and destroy the strong man, and then agree to split political power fairly between them (the Republic). Then all the poor people, who were neither smart nor strong, gang up on those smart republic guys and demand a democracy. Then the democracy slowly reverts to Fascism/Communism when the democracy takes advantage of it's populist political power. Anarchy ensues, and one strong man finally brings order again.

    Also, since the UN represents all the nations on earth, does that mean Kofi Anan is the Leader of the World?

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