I'd really like to hear if anyone knows about this artist, it was a horrible pain to find anything even when searching in french.

Stumbled across this as I was helping my mother with some art transparencies she had for her class (of like 3rd graders...).

The painting is by Marianne Stokes; supposedly of a "pre-raphaelite" movement that I don't know enough about to speak of.

It is called "Death and the Maiden" or "La Jeune Fille et la Mort". Information Page here:

Anyways I was really facinated by the composition and masterful eye direction, I mean infatuated really. This would be a prime example of (the magic triangle?).

All of these are such horribly compressed images; they don't even do the crummy transparency justice. Maybe I'll photograph that myself.

Love to know what you think! And any help finding a better image!