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    The King of Black Pieces

    Well, I will try to create all the pieces of a chess, and here is the first concept: the king of Blacks. I like the visual impact of african clothes, so I guess my first choice has been to create an african King for the Blacks.

    When I finish this one I think I will create the King of Whites, just to see which way to go in both armies. I was thinking that maybe Whites could be some old japanese style army...I don't know. Still have to think about it a lot.

    You can take a look at the stages the picture passed by, at WIP
    You'll notice some changes happened: originally the King was intended to hold a XIX c. gun as a symbol of wealth, but after some critics only the spear remained. It itself changed its position too. Green was tried instead of red in the clothes... and many other things not shown in the published pics.

    I am specially worried nowadays by values and colour coherence, so please, any critics about these matters, even the harsh ones, are really welcome.

    The King of Black Pieces

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    dont like that right leg, his posture seems somewhat confident which is good.

    for the white king you should probably want to use a british officer of some sort during the zulu wars... i dont exactly remember japan ever really trying to take africa. but if you look at like zulu wars, otto von bismarck type stuff youll see them really going for africa. even the boyars in south africa.

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    Well I personally think that you should make him less fatter and more handsome, Im thinking about Black Solomon - everywomens secret desire and cuz of wet dreams
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    I believe you should do a study on african clothing before going any further especially if you are trying to create an african ruler from antiquity. African kings wore clothing far more extravagant than that or they were very tribal, either way I feel your king needs more. Also his left sandal does not mach his right and kings don't wear colored sandals...
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