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Thread: Squirrels and your yummy cable line

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    Squirrels and your yummy cable line

    I didn't do a search on CA for this and I apologize, I'm going to post while I have the chance, though I did do a google search.

    We have to replace our cable for internet access about every 3-6months, from a point just outside the house, through the inside attic... It seems these rats with furry tails find it IRRESISTABLE.

    We've put a pvc pipe where they could reach the cable sitting outside and on through to the inside of the attic, so that stopped that chewing, they moved to another spot apparently.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on this, or why they do it? Is it a problem for anyone else?

    We know when it happens as our internet is so sketchy we can't stay connected for more than 1min-5min at a time. And of course the chewed cable as evidence.

    We didn't want to kill the squirrels*, so here is what we are about to try or thinking of:

    1. Fill the attic with mothballs as a "detterant"
    2. Run a pvc pipe the ENTIRE length of the attic (oh fun), then run the line through it.
    3. Actually I think my husband tried to poison them even with my sad face looks, but now I'm ready to declare war and grab a fire arm.

    We could spray fox urine up there (bought at local feed store)... but you know what... I REALLY hope thats not going to be in our plan.

    As for reasons they LOVe cable so much...

    Jenny Craig for Squirrels
    I knew it was some fad diet all along.

    Though we were debating, is it something in the casing or is it the minor jolt they get, and they like it... so keep coming back for more. Our cable man tells us they will get a minor minor jolt, but not like an electrical cord at all. So every friday night do the teenage squirrels meet in our attic and get shocked for kicks?

    We live in a somewhat old house (was my husbands grandmothers) and so these squirrels have lived there quite a while, we've tried plugging routes in, but they find others. And there may be an obvious answer, but I kept finding stories about beaver control on google and I was too afraid to click those links .. eh.

    Any ideas, any similar experience? We're to run new cable today or this weekend, but sheesh, to do this so often is yucky and sooner or later my husband is going to ask me to go in the attic, wait no nevermind, I just thought of some really really good excuses... and if I fall down once trying... (the female mind in process)

    *edit* so while I'm waiting for the internet to return so I can "submit new thread" I had an idea that I got from the another site I reached before cable went out again...

    Make "containers" of sorts from metal screening, filled with mothballs and closed up good with metal wire. Then attach these again, with metal wire along the cable...

    thinking out loud, the metal is so the squirrels can't remove them easily, but then they might chew the cord faster to get the "bags of mothballs to drop"

    perhaps just placing these squirrel proof (haha) containers all over various places in the attic, just not on the cable will work?

    *and if you trap them... where do you let them go? legally?* And wouldn't mroe of those little randy fellows move in?
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    upon further investigation I find this:

    1) Check your home for possible entry points and repair them. Done, they find and make more.

    2) Cover the inside of vents with 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Not done, will do.

    3) Prune overhanging tree branches back eight to ten feet from the roof. Its the cable lines themselves they are getting access to, I'm not pruning them, it might compound the issue

    4) If pruning isnít possible, place a 2 foot wide metal band around the tree trunk, approximately six to eight feet above the ground at its lower end. NA

    5) Place bird feeders away from your house. Never attach them to your house. Birdfeeder is far from house

    6)If the problem continues, stop using bird feeders. A convenient food source is the major attraction to your yard, and ultimately to your attic. No no, I need it, working on becoming umm.. yeah that... natural wildlife habitat thing... but I can make it squirrel proof! ahha! (but then they just eat my garden eek)

    7) Remove anything that can provide a jumping off point for squirrels, keeping in mind that they can jump distances of five to six feet. Great Idea, I'll go remove the neibhbors houses asap! kidding

    Just realized I post then answer myself... don't tell my doctor about this.

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    If nothing else, your thread made me laugh (not at you, just the way you tell a story). I think that you have some persistant squirrels. Maybe you should stop coating your house in peanut butter.

    If you do catch some, just let them go as far from your house as possible, prefferably in a wooded area.
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    We got gobs and gobs of squirrels here. They never did any damage to anything of ours (yet); just eat our sunflower seeds for the birds. I would suggest coating the wires regularly with hot Tabasco sauce. Either that or you could take some ashes from a fireplace and coat the wire with it. Ashes work great for keeping animals from eating stuff in your garden too. Fox urine might work, but I doubt it's really going to do much since they probably smell fox urine outside and they just don't pay much attention to it. Fox or dog fur might work if you spread it around in your attic, but someone in the house might be allergic and you don't want small fox hair floating around in your house, or the smell of urine. Squirrels might get deterred by these for a while, but they mainly rely on something moving to scare them away. Even noise after a while won't scare them if they get use to it. The other day I was taking pictures of birds on our deck and a squirrel came up the steps and stopped about 3 feet from me. I got 2 good pics of him before he scampered off. Just proof if they get use to something daily, eventually they just learn to ignore it. Of course I didnít move a whole lot. Even with that said, you could try to get some of those plastic owls that go in gardens and place them in your attic. Mothballs might help, but I wouldn't want a mothball smell in my house. You could try rigging up an electric fence type thing, but that might start a fire. I donít think live traps will work on your problem since there are always going to be squirrels where you are. Live traps work on stuff like bears, mountain lions, and stuff that are lonely creatures. Stuff that comes in groups is always going to be there. Unless itís just one crazy squirrel thatís doing it, I donít think youíll have much success with that. Still, you might try it, but if you catch a squirrel and the problem continues, itís not just one thatís doing it. You might get rid of the troublemaker(s) for a while, but there will probably be more. Place mouse traps all around your attic. Pain is a wonderful learning device. If you want to kill them without shooting holes in your roof, rat traps. Of course you seem like the squirrel lover kind, so that's probably out of the question. However, there are some tasty squirrel recipes if you don't like to waste natural resources. You could use that left over Tabasco sauce.
    -Brad Cossey

    The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
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