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    sometimes the old ways are the best ways... SW fan art [first timer]

    please... I am in need of a critique!

    a real critique.

    not: "Do more human reference."

    we can all agree on that to start with.

    I need something more. I'm working on going pro, but I have been forced to train myself. I have been working soley with pencil & paper since my access to a decent art program is iffy at best on account of time and money.

    so here goes:

    sometimes the old ways are the best ways... SW fan art [first timer]

    what do you think? do I have what it takes? or should I hang up my guns now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by D_S_Marx
    what do you think? do I have what it takes? or should I hang up my guns now?
    Well, that's a hard one to answer, because the question is truly quite vague...
    What it takes to do what, exactly?
    I think you definitely have potential, and you definitely have a good eye, but your work is rough, dude. Real rough...

    You evidently are already aware that you need to improve your anatomy, so that's gonna slow you up considerably portfolio-wise until you tighten up the basics like keeping the knees at the same basic level on the body, making the general body length proportional, clearly defining shoulders, instead of rounded curves, learning how to draw hips, and where finger knuckles belong...That index finger on her right hand looks downright painful...Ouch!

    Her head is too small for that overly long, misshapen body, and the features are too big for it. She shows no real depth to her face, and her left leg and foot are fatter than her right...

    Self-taught is hard, but you are to be commended for tackling it.
    Check out, and practice the exercises in Figure Drawing for All it's Worth. Learn the basic proportions of rendered figures.

    Avoid drawing any more Furries. They are a plague and a blight upon the Earth...

    Take the time to write down your goals as an artist. "Turning Pro," is like saying "I intend to get a really good paying job..." That's nice, but you need to be a LOT more specific in your goals, so that you can then devote your time and energies into studying and practicing those artistic disciplines that will help you get where you want to go. From what I saw on your site, you're heading for a low-quality Anime production studio or a cartoon greeting card company.

    I wouldn't hang up the guns, as much as I'd head out to the shooting range to improve your aim and spread pattern...

    Check out the Fine Arts, Studies, & Discovering section here at CA. You will learn TONS of good stuff there, particularly the Figure Drawing from the Mind thread...

    Good luck. Study your anatomy, work on drapery and values. You have talent, you simply need to hone your technical skills.

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    I noticed that her arm is too thin in comparison to her body. Let's face it, she's not anorexic, let her have some muscle. For her line of work she needs it.

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    i think youve got some issues on her left ankle and calf. other than that this is nice for pencils good to see you posting, looking forward to more

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    It wasn't looking too bad until I scrolled down to the legs. Judging by the shading it looks like you put quite a bit of time into this, all largely to no avail as it is ruined completely by the legs.

    It certainly looks like you have something going for you so stuff the art classes, and just draw as much as you can. Hey I never went to some fancy art school and I make a living from drawing without problems.


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    its a pretty decent beginning.
    if you are looking to be a professional,
    colored pencil might not cut it.
    neither will copying Warren Fu's costume design for padme.

    there is nothing wrong with copying, it is a great way to learn.
    but if "concept designer" is what you are striving for,
    you really should challenge yourself and offer up something original.
    its your ideas that will get you hired for a job like that.

    all that aside,
    i think its a nice drawing.
    it would be greatly helped by a toned background and a little more attention to her eyes.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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    wow, I am grateful & impressed for such speedy input!

    as far specifics go career-wise, I want to go into Concept Illustration.

    best case would be to work in the film & video game industry... (I know, "good freakin' luck!")

    being happy could be working on comic book and/or the roleplaying game industries.

    animation could be a possibility... I've been told my Anime was decent, but I like to keep that style as a hobby.

    for now, being a grocer isn't cutting it.

    the picture was insipred by 3 things:

    - good call on the Warren Fu. At least someone else knows their Star Wars.

    -photo reference. I used a nude pic I had in my possesion to get the feel I wanted. a makeshift lightboard set the proportions for me for speed's sake.

    -My Star Wars RPG group. We were running around in the star wars universe and the npc needed a pic. I did for fun.

    the time spent was approx. 12 hours on it. all in one day.

    I wanted to see if I could complete something in a day, and did.

    The knees are still trouble spots, and I'm still leery about using too much black in shading. especially in my color work. decent boot wrinkle references for free are very hard to come by.

    I didn't have access to a computer at the time so I grabbed what I had available...pencil, ink, & colored pencils. as far as basics go, I think I'm going to have to get as basic as I can get for a while till I get it right. then work my way up. With such a low income as I do, even basic adobe products are out of reach.

    Again appreciate greatly for everyone's input. I'm not trying to defend anything, I know I have a very long road ahead of me but right now my Compass is busted.

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean by fuzzies, but all of my pics are inspired by one story or another. All of them mine. I'm not one who's into drawing porn, but as far as context goes sometimes making it a little sexy isn't bad.
    Unbridled Vizions... Designs beyond reality :firedevil

    My online Images

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