Sketchbook: Zebz's Sketchbook: One more update for the road... 1/8/09
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    Zebz's Sketchbook: One more update for the road... 1/8/09


    Long time no see my fellow Concept Art-ers! It's been a mighty long while since I've posted anything on this beloved site due to lack of internet and scanning capabilities but alas, here I am! I've returned! I've started a completely new thread because my old website/server is going to be shutting down and eventually all of those files will be lost to the net for good. You can still access my old sketchbook for quite some time at least. I'm just going to start storing these new files on a new area of the server. So rather than change all the addresses and everything... we'll just let those posts fall into the depths of oblivion. Plus I think it's about time for a fresh start, my drawings are finally starting to move in new directions a bit so maybe it's time anyhow for a new thread. Eh, if you're new to my SB than you'll come to quickly discover just how much of a rambler I am. I apologize in advance!

    Lots of exciting new things going on in life these days but I'll spare the update for another post down the road when I have a bit more time on my hands. 'Till then I'll just let the art speak for itself. I've slacked pretty hard this summer and have allowed a lot of stuff distract me but I'm getting back on the horse just in time for the semester to start. One problem I've run into is this new sketchbook I've bought and been using. I like it but it's 11 X 17 and I can't scan it all. That's why quite a few of these will seem cut off or digi-photoed. The camera sucks at taking pics of the drawings, especially the pencil ones. So if anyone has any sort of advice on the matter than hook me up. On with the update... if any of this crap needs explanation than just ask away. Take 'er easy. God bless.


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