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    Plz Help - Fixing S Sculpey hairline cracks

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post Q's on... But I didn't see another one about sculpting.
    Here's the deal:
    I made my wire skeleton... I put the super sculpey on it... baked the figure at 250-275 for 20* minutes.... and when it came out it had little bitty hair line cracks in small circular patterns right underneath the upper most layer (causing them to look a bit white). None of the cracks were open (so I cant fill them)... I need to know how to cover up, or repair these nasty little 'blisters'.
    I won't be painting this particular one, so it needs to look the way it did before I baked it.
    I googled this problem and heard that it was caused by heat from the wire frame.... is that true?
    Please tell me what I can do to fix this! - or prevent it in my next piece (which is already finished and I need to bake it soon).
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    Ah, you have encountered the dreaded moonies my friend. There's not much you can do to fix them. I've heard baby oil over it works, but I've just had to either mush new clay over it (which looks different after baking anyway) or try and disguise it by rubbing gold clay on it to give a bit of sheen to the skin. According to your piece, this may or may not be appropriate. Really, I haven't ever found anything to fix this back to how it looked before baking.

    I've heard people say moonies are caused by moisture, trapped air in the armature, etc. etc. I think no one knows for sure what causes moonies, but I think baking at a lower temperature might help with preventing them or mixing the Sculpey with a white clay. I have one sculpt I made with super sculpey and baked lower than recommended and she has no moonies on her.

    If in doubt, experiment on a piece you don't care about.


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    Hah! Now I can finally put a name to that little problem.

    I've found that this happens more when I have an armature in the piece than when I don't.

    Baking at lower temperatures does help prevent the "moonies". Also, I let my piece warm up in the oven as it heats... and then let it cool with the oven when it's finished (though I know that's not always recommended). Main thing is you don't want quick temp changes. It doesn't get rid of them %100 but you have much less.

    As far as fixing them, I don't know because then can be deep, so sanding doesn't always work. I usually don't worry about it because it doesn't seem to weaken it and I just cover mine with a flat grey spray paint.

    Hope your next one doesn't get as many moonies!

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