Art: Some game work...xmen legends II

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  1. Some game work...xmen legends II

    I was told that since it is published on the website I could forward this, so here I am. go buy the game it is alot of fun and I had fun working on it. Here you go...

    Those are the only three that have been released so I'll have to post more later. Enjoy. As always comments and critiques are welcomed. Please do so. Thanks.


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    If those flames were painted digitally, then great job! Overall, these pieces look pretty nice, but there are some things that bother me.

    -In the Magneto piece, his pecs seem kind of small or his neck is very stumpy. Or maybe it's just his head/helmet is kind of big.

    -For the Bishop piece, I don't understand why there's three muzzle flashes when there's only one gun. Is he just reallly really fast? I'm seeing a bit of a lens flare there, too. I think you can do without that. His right leg is bothering me, as well.

    -For the last one, the only crit that I can come up with is that his torso could be bent back a bit more. Right now his torso seems stiff and upright.

    There are more pros than cons, but I just mentioned the things that I feel could make these pieces better.

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    I love the effect that you made with the rings. While I do think his upper half looks good, something about his midsection is throwing me off.

    Guy with gun:

    The perspective of the gun is a little off in my eyes(end of the muzzle). I don't mind the three white flashes but you see where you have the white on the leg? Perhaps you could make a few glowing streaks off to the side in a similar fashion.I think it would help to create the illusion of fast movement that you're going for.

    The painting of that leg I was mentioning looks awesome! It's a neat metallic-liquid look. The other leg connects at the knee in a really strange way.

    That city in the background looks fantastic but the foreground colouring seems to fit the guys clothes moreso than pavement.

    Other Guy:
    my only crit is the left knee joint looks odd. I like everything else well enough.

    Personally, I think the Magneto piece is the strongest(most unique idea) one. Great work!

    [][][][] DRAW EVERYDAY [][][][]>
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  5. X-men Legends 2 - sweet! I liked the first game, I may go pick this up.

    I like the magneto one as well - overall I think it's the strongest. You might have gone a little heavy on the blacks though, and the fingers could use some more form, especially that close to the camera. It might be nice if he was looking in the direction he was pointing as well. The 2nd and 3rd ones are good, but they look like paintovers of posed 3D models - the 3rd more so than the second. I don't necessarly mind the 3 muzzle flashes, but it might be nice to incorporate some muzzle smoke or some other connecting element between the flashes. The other thing that bugs me is the number of shells falling through the air - it just seems like too many and slows down the motion you've established with his pose and the muzzle flashes. I would rather see 3-4 motion blurred shells flying through the air. The flames in the 3rd one kill that peice for me, they look way to CGI and messy. It seems like there needs to be a stronger focal point with the flames.

    cool stuff - it get's me psyched to play some x-men.

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    Jul 2003
    Impressive work, really, the third its my favourite.
    Tell us about the process.

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    great to see this here
    ive had these on my desktop rotation for quite a while now
    great stuff

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    is that a lens flare i see in the second one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waronmars
    is that a lens flare i see in the second one?
    no it's a bullseye on his crotch

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    these are really cool! Awesome job!

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    May 2003
    finally someone made Forge... hope he will not suck like in all X-men games !!

    really good work, Magneto look soo nasty !

    I'm a manky artist, don't mess with me
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    generally, lens flare is a bad thing to have.
    but since it was painted to look cinematic, or at least i see it to be, it looks possible. it didn't distract me at all. i didn't even notice the lens flare til someone pointed at his crotch. it wasn't naively done. you know what you're doing, obviously.

    only problem i have is that fire has a red glow to it, but the last one, he has blue rimlighting. so it makes it seem rather pasted in there, and fire was added as an afterthought.

    the second one is tight.


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    Red face

    Always cool to see some X-Men pics! I love shit like this!!!

    These are real quailty pieces you've done.

    For me, there was a little awkwardness in Magneto's left arm (our right), it seems like he has a small upper arm. I like his face alot and the bkgd effects.

    As far as Bishop I like the 3 gunshots, I thought those pushed the action shot. His right leg looks twisted though.

    The flames on the last one are Kick Ass!

    Thanks for sharing, Chris

    J. Christopher Schmidt
    Comic Book Artist / Illustrator
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    Same crits when it comes to Bishop. I know it would sound strange to ask for someone to try and reproduce a superhero pose, but... Try to get in the same pose he is and you'll feel pain in your right hip, knee, etc. The lower part of the body can still remain very dynamic with an interesting silouhette without having to look broken. But since it's finished and done, I guess it's something to keep in mind for the next one

    By the way... Where the hell is Mcotie ?

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  15. Mcotie

    He's riding his a new custom motorcycle at the end of the game. I think he's abandoned the family and just riding constantly, especially with the game ending soon. He's happy I think.

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    Cool stuff, hopefully the game is as tight.

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    truly imprssive work.
    the third one seems to work the best with me


    Wojciech Golczewski - Composer
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