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    Exclamation Armor: Greek/Roman

    I started this thread in the lounge section, but thought it would be better (hints from other users) to post it in the resource section. Here's the links we've done so far:

    Link_________________________________Poster -MoP -MoP -Axis420 -Axis420

    Osprey Publishing -Fipse

    Hoplite society -Fipse -Ssenkrah Semaj

    Warfare in the Classical World -Brumfield

    Here's acouple posts i thought were helpful:

    Hi Elwell,

    Angus McBride is good illustrationwise (except of the Scandinavian and hussite armies books, that I was quite disappointed with - he seems to be slacking lately) but he´s unfortunately not one of the most accurate illustrators if you want to get good detailed reconstruction. E.g. Christa Hook or Gerry Embletone are much more accurate - that´s maybe not necessary for a pure illustration but if you use this pictures for a costume reconstruction I wouldn´t necessarily trust Mr. Bride as much as the others (in fact I don´t trust much any historical illustrator that isn´t me but that´s another story ).

    Hi Axis,

    on the internet you won´t find many reliable books about this topics. If you´re interested in one special era or type of warrior start with the approbiate Osprey book. They aren´t the last word on the topics but they are a good start and often have a good bibliography you can get better and more reliable information.

    Axis, instead of searching for armor, try GREEK ARMY and ROMAN ARMY, or ANCIENT GREEK/ROMAN ARMY instead for the google search. This sounds like an historical approach might be wider than just going after the armor specifically.

    Thx to all who posted, here's the link to the other thread:

    Now let's see if we can find somemore resources.


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    Talking More links

    Here's somemore links: -excellent artist -excellent artist

    My Greek Armor study is almost done! Should i post it in this thread or in the Studies thread?


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    Studies i think...make an entirely new thread for all the work you did. Oh and that second group of links you posted kick ass...perfect inspiration for my character with all of the weapons of the gods; Hades helmet, Achilles armor, Athena's shield, Hepheastus Hammer, and the winged sandals of Hermes -thanx
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