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    Neato game to play with Google!

    Ok, I found this game in a friend's journal and had too much fun with it.
    Google search "[your name] is" and post the top ten your favorite results.

    So, I googled "Steph is" (make sure you include the quotes, they affect your search) and here were my faves:

    10. I think Steph is great but her evil side is still clearly presant.

    9. Steph is already walking away, looking lustily at me from the corners of her eyes.

    8. Steph is clearly the sort of person who has a whole rack of skeletons in her closet.

    7. Steph is pretty much the quintessential pooka, or would be if she lied more often.

    6. Steph is a hoor

    5. Steph is worried that the judge is going to be hard on her

    4. Steph is leaving and i am poopy!!!

    3. Steph is based on some very old code, and is poorly documented

    2. Everyone hates Janu but they think that getting rid of Steph is the higher priority right now

    1. Steph is equally prone to random fits of random, benign wackiness and random homicidal violence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willow-whisp
    2. Everyone hates Janu but they think that getting rid of Steph is the higher priority right now
    Dammit! I found that too when looking for "Janu is..."

    I hate Survivor.

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    Ben is Dead.

    Ben is in 'Vegas

    The BEN is an insert within the Notiziario dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

    Ben is Rocky

    Ben is bullied by an older boy...

    The use of Kansai-ben is closely associated with comedy throughout most of non-Kansai Japan

    Ben is in High School now.

    Ben is determined to uncover the reason for the distance between himself and Faith, he brings her flowers and invites her to dinner but fails in his efforts. At the police station Greg discovers the cause of Andy's injuries was Ben.

    Ben is a little faster than Steelers QB.

    Ben is considerably excited at the start of this episode

    hahah, win, there are sooo many more
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    #1) George Is On: Music
    #3) George Is Your Man
    #4) Where's George?
    #5) George is in the Army Now!

    LOL, that was fun.
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    Efficient time-wasting!

    The Good

    matt is the last lucky bastard to have his cake and eat it too

    matt is a personable and charming guy

    matt is a great f***

    matt is the man

    matt is brilliance in a rawhide satchel

    The Bad

    matt is a megalomaniacal dictator who makes life miserable for everyone

    matt is a lazy bastard do you know that

    matt is jerking off

    matt is two hairy motherfuckers

    matt is a ridiculously common name
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    I'm not making these up....

    from first to last, my comments in italics -

    - Camp Shane is the oldest of the weight loss camps. huh?

    - Shane is an artist to watch.

    - Shane is a regular Bread viewer wtf? I watch *bread*? What the hell?

    - Joe even says that Shane is the safest person their family could have around. - they don't know me too well

    - Shane is the exemplification of a real man - you HAD BETTER BELIEVE IT

    - It is implied that Shane is a gunfighter for hire with a violent past - damn straight y'all

    - What Shane is Missing. WHAT? What am I missing?! Oh, god, it's something important isn't it?! Dammit, I just *knew* it!

    - Yet Shane is so gentle it can be used by everyone from the youngest ... whoa, that's sounds like it's moving into territory I don't *even* want to consider!

    - In "Dear Earth," Shane is promoted to Captain, as of 16 April, 2064. I was shooting for Admiral, but what the hell...

    - Why does Bob stop playing with the gun when he notices that Shane is watching him? How can the reader tell that Shane is very experienced with a gun? ... hehehe

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    Eric is a knight and, as the title says, he's not really ready for all that

    ERIC is a new Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) for Biodefense and Emerging/Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases.

    Eric is a William Atkin design, and her plans are available from Atkin & Co.,

    Eric is the "fat kid" and the other kids constantly make fun of him because of his weight.

    Eric is performing his little comedy show at various Utah county fairs!

    A wise man once wrote Eric is, “a danger to our daughters, a treasure for our sisters, [and] a last gasp of forbidden pleasure for our mothers.”

    Eric is real nice and so full of spice girls die to meet him men love to greet him

    Eric is a young man who?s appearance is not unlike Elvis

    Eric is the best Python

    eric is right

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0kelvin
    A wise man once wrote Eric is, “a danger to our daughters, a treasure for our sisters, [and] a last gasp of forbidden pleasure for our mothers.”

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    Stefan is the founder, creator and one of the primary sculptors of the entire MasterMaze line.

    Stefan is a really funny and good skateboarder good luck!

    Stefan is a German national and Consultant in the Sports Business Group.

    Stefan is impressed with the way Bobbie relates to Nik

    Stefan is an individual with profound experience of living with disfunctions.

    Stefan is Skype’s Director of Product and highlights aspects about his work at
    Skype and also experiences as a regular daily user in this interview.

    Too bad Stefan is being a selfish little prick this weekend...

    Dr. Stefan is the inventor of the ultra short wavelength beat-wave driven free electron laser.

    The bass made by Stefan is visually beautiful, shows a real master at work.

    Stefan is one of the most dynamic, insightful and just plain accurate speakers it's been my experience to know.

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    The only habitable part of Tristan is a small plateau at the foot of the cliffs

    Tristan is a misshapen tiny thing when he is born, and it's amazing that he survives at all

    Tristan is now connected to the world by one telephone and a fax machine in the Administrator's office

    Tristan is entirely self-supporting and receives no money from Britain

    Tristan is quite possibly the least interesting serial killer movie ever

    Born in '98, Tristan is the largest individual in Wolf Park's main pack.

    The most intriguing object to Tristan is a Viewmaster-type device.

    Tristan is almost too noble to be true.

    Tristan is gone. Or is he...?

    and finally...

    Tristan is the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women"

    Tristan Elwell
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    holy cow... that is hillareous. So many dark secrets you guys have had hidden, now come to light.

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    Ahh, Elwell, I thought I recognised the author name when I got that book... I mean, er...

    90% of mine begin "Paul is dead"...

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    I googled "Alex is"

    1. Alex is impressive...and so is the scientist who trained him.

    2. Alex is gross

    3. Alex is dead and has been replaced with a replicant.

    4. Alex is subtly intelligent...

    5. Alex is both a very powerful being, with great strengths, as well as a girl -- WTF?

    6. Alex is a psychological feather plucker and has been since the first day Dr. Pepperberg saw him ...

    7. ALEX is designed to be user-friendly.

    8. Alex is still missing a bone flap on the right side of his head

    9. Alex is three to five feet above normal.

    10. Alex is featured on the TV Show Hard Copy, regarding mysterious white powder

    And my personal favorite: [drum roll please]

    Alex is a big dummy dumbhead...
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    Ok, some of these are hilarious, I decided to give it a shot as well. Mine isn't necessarily in order from best to worst, I just threw em all in there together, enjoy.

    Dana is...

    "A global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added
    products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicles."

    "a Palm OS device with a wide screen and a keyboard,
    Dana uses SecureDigital and MultiMediaCards for storage."

    "Author of the Kate Shugak series." Who?

    "[Maker] of Terraplane expedition backpacks, Bomb packs and daypacks. Also,
    manufacturer of tents."

    "Dana surpasses all other shareware text editors in number of features and customability."

    "dana, i'm ok with being 50. 50 feels good to me. but you know what kills me?
    what hurts me the most and makes me cry when i think about it? that i have a ..." Penis more curved than Captain Hook's hand? Heh this one could go anywhere...

    "Bovine militants." True enough.

    "DANA is designed for you. Only you can take control."

    "Strategic management of organizational conflict, conflict management and mediation training."

    "Bingham McCutchen." Dana is Bingham McCutchen? That's definately going to be my alias from now on.

    "Sexy Sadie", a rock and roll singer in New York City and she'll be
    singing a number of Beatles' songs in the movie live on stage...

    Oh crap, I just found this one, it might be the best tho... Last but not least, Dana is

    "[a] Motivational speaker [who] tells his story of becoming a double amputee in a parachuting accident and his comeback."

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    apparently "Jeri" is a female name....

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    Hey, would ya look at that, no one else was dumb enough to keep the name "anze".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JERI
    apparently "Jeri" is a female name....
    Actually, not to rub it in but I thought you were of the female persuasion given that the only Jeri I could name is Jeri Ryan, a.k.a. Seven Of Nine. >.< Still, could make the results a little interesting...

    Mine be:
    :: Les Murray is Australia's leading contemporary poet and a leading figure in contemporary literature.
    :: Andy Murray is an ace player, I think he will do really well.
    :: Al Murray is excellent - a very funny man who pokes fun at the PC brigade.
    :: In the Fugue, Murray is too solemn.
    :: Mr Murray is no longer chairman of the Sovereign Capital Corporation.

    Curse the fact that my name is more widely regarded to be a surname....

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    marco is the best ut playa we have here he rulez hosted by sourceforge valid xhtml 1

    marco is top chef of the last decade

    marco is a member of two magic associations

    marco is a strolling magical entertainer who is able to kick your event off with fun and festive entertainment

    marco is in sport compact car marco is a senior consultant marco is characterized by its rounded features marco is a guitarist marco is

    marco is a very beautiful loacation

    marco is the comedian of the group

    marco is incredibly gifted and a wonderful musician and song writer

    marco is involved with lydia

    marco is about 12 inches tall (they don't mean my height ) and has many italian greyhound traits and looks

    marco is clearly the winner

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    heheh teabreak funny'ness

    "Chris is":

    Chris is IM'ing from 30000 feet

    Chris is Mr Burns

    Chris is most famous for his hard hitting fantasy works, and his unique representation of "Amazonian" women - Damn straight!

    Chris is playing two accoustic dates in the LA area, check them out!

    Pat is twice as old as Chris was when Pat was as old as Chris is now. If Pat is 24 now, how old is Chris now?

    Chris is a dinner worth saving up for

    Chris' is an intelligent gem in a den of dimwits ROCK

    Chris is not evil. He just needed Leo out of the way to stop Wyatt from ...

    Chris is very honored to receive any of the awards, but especially touched to
    ... Chris is one of the most popular attractions on college campuses today

    and finally...

    Chris is straight and will always be straight, so you gay men don't have a ...

    hehe that was fun, now back to work.

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    "Noel is tall and thin. He has a long red robe trimmed with fur."

    "Noel is a sponge cake decorated like a yule log."

    "Noel is an ideal holiday gift"

    "Noel is a guitarist from the Congo, Oviedo a trés player from Cuba."

    "Noel is, in his mind, "a mistake in nature."

    "Noel is forecast to pass to the east of Newfoundland today and is primarily a threat to shipping in the area."

    "Noel is one sexy bitch."

    "Noel is overcoming some trust issues and appears to prefer women over men."

    "Noel is anatomically correct, and has the papers to prove it."

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    Jermaine is very prideful about his appearance

    Jermaine is a creative thinker and has most impressed others with his ability to express his creativity through writing and drawing.

    jermaine is always right i mean if you want to play basketballl at the age of 18 than so be it dont let the nba make you decisoin buy yah.


    jermaine is tight

    jermaine is dynamite

    jermaine is not the most attractive candidate for adoption because he is prone to violence and is also racially mixed ... nobody wants me..
    -I am my imaginary friend.

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