Canadian Comic book publisher to solicit late fall. Calls for submissions to seal 2005/2006 line up.

Toronto, Canada. In 2005/2006 Septagon Studios will directly move towards the publishing market of Comic Books, Graphic Novels and soon expanding towards other notorious formats. Septagon Studios will not limit itself from being underestimated, it will impact the present way in which we look at publishing today.

Septagon Studios Objective

The objective of Septagon Studios is to add to the diversity of the comic book market with a wide variety of titles in a wide range of different genres. Septagon Studios will not limit itself by targeting a specific audience; it is a company for every reader. We welcome everyone and anyone who enjoys comics.

Septagon Studios is passionate about excellence and producing quality publications for both the modern and traditional generations of comic book readers. Being a creator-based company, we encourage new talent from around the globe to join our already growing staff and give your dreams of creating comic books a chance to come true. Here at Septagon Studios we give you the chance to bring you imagination and creativity to life.

Septagon Studios will open its calling towards formerly published creators and new-fangled ones that are trying to break into the industry. We are always looking for quality creator-owned projects from all formats. The opportunities offered are One-Shots, Graphic Novels, Limited Series, and Ongoing titles. Please visit our website for more information regarding the submission guidelines.

A partial list of scheduled projects will be available through various distribution markets as well as other online outlets. More details regarding the releases will be posted on our website and other comic news sources as they become accessible.

About Septagon Studios
Septagon Studios is a publishing company which was founded in early 2003 by Nicola Defina, creator and visionary whose lifelong dream of breaking into the comic book industry is now finally being realized with the birth of this company. Alongside his two cousins, Vice President and Art Director Philip Defina and Art Consultant Domenic Defina, Nicola has established a sturdy base to help attract readers and make Septagon Studios the best it can be.