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    wierdest movie I've ever seen...please tell me someone else has seen it

    So I rented this movie called "Northfork" (edit:oops it was Northfork, not Northfolk as I had originally posted...damn sleep dep.) and after watching I feel like I just woke up from a fairly confusing dream. Its a very interesting movie, and so metaphorical it makes my brain hurt trying to connect all the pieces after watching it....Has anyone else seen this movie?

    On the surface it's about a desolate town in Montana that is about to be flooded out inorder to create a lake for a new powerplant and some of it's denizens...however, in the context of the movie I think the whole story is really just used as a metaphor for life passing and renewing itself...very interesting, however if you're looking for a straightforward story you should probably stay away.

    Anyway, I was curious to see if anyone else has seen this movie, and if so what they thought of it.
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    I watched it last year , i think. Rented the dvd, and i thought it was interesting and confusing at first but made sense in e end.Liked the music, very dreamy and design of that guy's weird galsses was cool.Cinemotography was nice too.I thought the story was sad, especially for the boy.

    The movie should have gotten more publicity, I mean, I can't even find the soundtrack at most stores and the price is pretty high at sites like amazon.

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    I got to work on this film in the preliminary stages with the production designer who's a friend of mine...
    The Polish Bros. who are the directors have two other films - Twin Falls Idaho and Jackpot - If you want more surreal stuff I suggest you check out "Idaho" but Jackpot was great - very different - a dark comedy about two soap salesmen who go on a crosscountry kareoke trip. The lead actor is the uncle from Napoleon dynamite whos also in the other two.
    As far as Northfork - you can imagine my reaction when I read the script...I agree with te cinamatography and the ideas cool ...but I think the only reason I was able to stay awake was so I could see my name in the credits!

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