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    Art Supplies (Starting Over)

    I have found a Utrecht store in Chicago, and I've been saving up for some decent supplies. I have around $130 right now, and my birthday is coming up in a few days so I might get some more.

    I've been looking at their online store, which carries all the stuff the real store does, so I wanted to get some advice on what to get and what not to get, and what brands to avoid.

    Here's a short list I made:

    Faber Castell 12 Pack Design
    Faber Castell 12 Pack Art

    Pigma Micron

    Prat Start 2

    Utrecht Workable
    Urecht Ultra Clear
    Krylon Crystal Clear
    Krylon Workable

    12 Pack
    24 Pack

    I already have some okay sketchbooks that I've just started, and I want to try out those Prisma markers and colored pencils, it's just that they're so expensive. Is the 12 pack of markers worth it to try it out, or is there not enough variety? And do they last a while, or run out quickly? Because if i'm going to get those, I have to plan ahead.

    Not too sure about some good fixatives, but everything I sketch out and draw smudges horribly (could also be the sketchbooks, but I wouldnt mind getting a nice one, if I knew where to start with the type, how many lbs.?, etc...)

    Also, the one thing I need is a portfolio, because I always carry everything around with me (right now in a zip lock bag ) Is that a resonable price, or are there better quality portfolios? I see those can get a little pricey as well.

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    Ive used Prisma markers for a while now, and they are really nice. I never bought the Packs, since the packs only came with a few colors I wanted. Besides I only use 3 colors.

    But it looks like youll be able to save a lot of money if you bought the packs instead of buying them individually. I would buy the packs if you dont know what colors your need and want to experiment with them.

    That Porfolio bag looks kinda cool, I might buy one

    The Faber Castell 12 Pack Art seems like a better deal, since you get more grades of Pencils, for the same price as the other one.

    I dont know anything about those fixitives

    Pigma Micron pens are nice, I used to use a black one. They are selling them really cheap, I would get them for the hell of it.

    Hoped I helped!
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    Just on a side note ,try to avoid getting pencils by the unit. Always get them by the box... The core tends to be in much better state when they haven't been manipulated by hands and dropped, etc.

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    check eBay. I bought a rapidograph pen set for $80 brand new. Normally $220+

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    I'm going in a few hours to Chicago to the Utrecht store. I have exactly $200 after my "surprise party" my parents threw for me today, so I'll try to get all the neccessities. Thanks for your help, if anyone has anything to add, I'm most likely going back again some time, and I'll know what more to get. I think i'll try out a few prisma colored markers.

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