Hey, everyone. Well, I started designing these three ships last August. We finally just released the designs to the public, so I'm free to post them as I please. They're for a mmorpg space game I'm working on called Vendetta.


Anyway, enough outta me, here's some art.

Any comments or critiques, I'd love to hear them. I won't be changing these designs any more, but I have plenty of work still ahead of me.

The concepts for the ships are as follows:

The first one is built by a militaristic faction who only have about 300 years of ship building experience. They don't have force shields or anything, so it's plated like a tank.

The second one is built by a faction who's had space flight for over a millenium, but never had cause to fight anyone (until recently.) They're in the process of converting civilian craft designs into fighters.

The third one is built by sort of a nomad faction. The ships are hacked apart and put back together in different configurations as the need arises.

So that's what I was aiming for with the three designs. Like I said, any comments or crits would be greatly appreciated!