T-DOME: Last Man Standing Round One (Matches 49-60)

Here it is, you talented bastards. The time for you to see all your hard work matched up against your random opponents for the first time. Only one person from each match makes it to round two. To everyone who participated, thanks for helping make this dome a memorable one. To everyone who missed the boat this time around , you're still in for a hell of a ride.

Entries are listed in the order the match is listed (ie. Dude1 vs Dude2: Dude1 will be first image listed, Dude2 the second. Amazing!)

Match 49 - Prostate Sunrise vs oven g love

Match 50 - Genital Eclipse vs Inkfish

Match 51 - dns2k vs vigostar

Match 52 – hurricane vs joiton

Match 53 – britt vs Flip

Match 54 – Nike vs Prince Rurik

Match 55 – OLSEN vs Some Guy

Match 56 – Android vs Hyver

Match 57 – Eriboss vs luxun

Match 58 – JasonChan vs bwkeough

Match 59 - Pinc Phloyde vs Rash Overdrive

Dual no show…

Match 60 – xia vs Main Loop