last stuff(speed stuff hehehehe)

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    last stuff(speed stuff hehehehe)

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    ummm...maybe to fast, i cant really say anything about it yet. Does she have some kind of bunny hears? if not then the hair composition is messed up...

    To be compleatly honest, to simple and undefined for my taste, try thinner lines or blending the color a little bit ( unless you wanted it that that case, the only thing might be to clarify the confucing lines abobe her head..or maybe just change the clor of the backround)

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    On the fringes of "acceptable" observation and commentary.

    Icon It's okay.

    Good, crisp gesture drawing.
    It's hard to give a critique of any real depth to SpeedPainting, simply because it's usually done too quickly to apply general Design and Composition criteria to. Most comments therefore, tend to be generalized ass-pats.

    That's one reason we have a specific sticky at the top of this forum area just for Speed Paintings (It's the 3rd sticky from the top)...


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    ok ok
    thx for replies
    shamagi it's not bunny ears
    it's her hair
    (original drawing)

    thx shamagi i'll try to work on zone above her head^^
    madster okay i'll try to change background ...

    i worked on above her head

    my next illustration

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