The movie is Me, Myself and Irene. If any of you remember that movie, then you remember a part where Hank had apologized to Whitey and acted sad outside of the restaurant to Irene as a trick to get her into bed. The thing is that I heard this sad song playing in the background while Hank was crying and talking about his wife. I've tried as much as I can to find it, as it's not on the official soundtrack. I've checked Amazon's samples and all that. All I'm looking for is the name.
It only helps a little bit, but it's a sad tune which I think starts out with "so many" something and has "how I love you" somewhere in it. I mention the sad tune part because I'm aware that allegedly there's another song, "Don't Say You Don't Remember" that plays somewhere around that time (I guess) and that's not it (I've listened to it).