Art: Same photo, two ways...

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    Same photo, two ways...

    I've been trying to shoot early-morning street stuff in Washington. I got home and realized I'd essentially shot the same image twice, but in a different location and with different subject... And the more I look at them, the less interesting either one of them looks...



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    Heh, They don't look the same to me at all, except for the colors. The shadows on the second one really bring out the figure in the streets; WAY different composition there.

    Don't beat yourself up over it, these are great!

    Lake Hurwitz


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    these look pretty good to me especially the colours but why is the lady in the corner on first one so grainy looking?

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    i dont liek the second one much, focus goes to the person

    same goes for the first one. but the first one would be VERY good if the person wasnt there. i LOVE all the colors in it. especially the blue sky and red/orange lights on teh building

    keep it up

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    I have to disagree with most of y'all... compositionally, they're essentially the same picture. The top one is the better of the two, though - it looks more balanced and the architecture is more interesting.

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    i agree, i think the first one is the better image. though the bits of the neighboring buildings on the sides is distracting to me, and the image seems to be on a bit of a tilt making my head want to tilt along with it. it would be better without the woman in the foreground for sure(damn pedestrians! hehe)...and i could picture it looking very interesting with some cars going by and people in the background, but with a very slow shutter speed to make it seem like a lot of time is going by.

    i do understand how you see it as the same image, b/c they are both images of a building from across the street at a triangular perspective(not sure the best way to say that..). but i really think the first image could be awesome with a few adjustments. love the color.

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