Hey guys,

This is just a little question to find out how some of you work. There are so many amazing artists here and although I try to check out concept every day I can't keep up with all of the daily posts.

this brought up the question about how fast you guys are. usually when I begin a work its after a day or two of sketching then I begin the painting ( if its a pencil project I can usually knock it out in an afternoon). Its usually takes me a day to transfer the art to the board, block in the colors and get the over-all feel of how I want the painting to go (4to6 hours). Day 2 I spend about 4 hours refining the main theme and spreading out into secondary subjects and such. Day 3, I sharpen the main image going back to the alternate eye-catching subjects refining them a bit. Day4, by now I usually have everything I want in the painting and start getting to the finishing phases of what I want to do. Day5, I add the little things that help to call the painting a finished piece of work and sign the bottom.
Thats how a good painting for me gets done start to finish. The trouble is with this is I rarely have the time to work on a painting every day for a week and once I begin my work schedule (with overtime) it may be a month until I'm able to get back to the art. By then I've lost some motivation and there are other images poping up that beg for attention over the one I'm working on.

My question is HOW do you guys work? When you start a project do you work on it until its complete or is what I do ^ something like your work method. I'd really like to get faster and stay motivated.A lot of you artists here seem to be able to wip out anything at will and I do mean some GREAT stuff. You guys have any work secrets you care to share about keeping focused. I know the best way to do art is to keep at it till your done. I can't seem to do that or find a really good work rhythm that is consistent.

Thanks for any help, Bruce

By the way if you want to check out some of my work you can see it here http://photobucket.com/albums/v378/zzetta13/