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Thread: Another world

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    Icon Another world

    Hi all
    This is my new work
    Title is another world ^^
    It is big size image(1000 x 800 pixel) so wait please ^^
    I work 2500 x 2000 pixel by photoshop
    Comment and Crit are welcome

    -Another world-

    -- My NEW Persnal HP = --
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    nice piece I'd say:
    The good:
    * great colors
    * gorgeous textures
    * teh sexah outfit :p

    The not so good:
    * Some wonky anatomy (lower legs are really thin / short fingers /)
    * The position of the eyepatch (?) is disturbing me a bit. It's so high up her face.
    * the face in general could use some slightly more expression, is she waiting for someone, dreaming away or just enjoying the view..

    Hope this helps.

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    Jan 2005
    its beautifully rendered, but what is the purpose of this piece? i wouldnt have guessed the title just by looking at it. to be honest its almost a little boring after a while (sorry, i mean no offense). theres a lot that implies "other worldliness", yet its only ever implied and not enforced.

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    Lisbon / Portugal
    Great stuff, as always. The colors are fantastic! My only criticism is the perspective of her hips and legs that looks a bit exaggerated compared to her torso and head. And, compositionally speaking, I don't think the rock in front of her helps. It seems to be pressing against the figure and goes against her gaze.

    Wonderful piece.

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    Feb 2005
    Tokyo, Japan
    I really like the work on the neck and shoulder areas. Although, the form is lost on other areas of the body / armour.

    great feeling!

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    Jan 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Yeah. The piece is good. The atmosphere in the background, is nicely executed I think. Currently, her positioning is very awkward. She looks like she wants to lean on her left arm for support, but you can't see the weight in the drawing. It just looks like all of her body weight is centering in her lower back, which looks incredibly uncomfortable. I would suggest putting her in a different position. Perhaps, put her right knee up, arms hugging the leg, chin resting on the knee, like she's been waiting for someone for a while. I don't know, that actually sounds a bit trite, but do something to give her more realism and character. Why is she sitting out here all by herself?

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    this is really good.
    i would love to see some progress shots.
    especially of the landscape.
    i enjoy the texture a lot!

    - Dan Dos Santos
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    possessd >> Thank you for your reply. Your crits are very helpfull to me
    'stoph. >> ^^ I think the title is not good too ^^
    abdrearocha >> Thank you for your crit ^^
    hawken >> thank you hawken ^^
    sevnraiz >> thank you ^^
    DSillustration >> Thank you DS I have not progress shot ^^ and I love to see your work too

    -- My NEW Persnal HP = --
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    This is beautiful. Interesting character design and gorgeous colors. I like that eyepatch too.

    ...+1 exp
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    Feb 2004
    Gainesville, FL.
    OH MY GOSH! dude, you think can post like a tutorial on your paintings some time soon? That would be so awesome, very awesome design i might add.


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