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    BAttle Sketch - whats working and whats not?

    Im going to attempt to do my first large scale painting using guache or acrylics maybe (suggestions appreciated) and would like to know what you like and dont like about this piece? I have no problem changing it right now at the sketch stage.

    BAttle Sketch - whats working and whats not?

    Im pretty nervous about the next step. Any good beginners tutorials out there? Im planning on doing a brownish orang ink wash first, then some color pencils or guache.

    Do you think an acrylic wash might be better? and then gouache over that working from dark to light?

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    Hi dude, nice sketch. The hand holding the axe seems a tad big. Also might need to hold on to it a little more. Maybe give them bad dudes a little more movement - more action. Seems like they are just waiting to get the heads cut of - except the one reaching for our heros... Draw some raised arms in the bg and maybe make one of them try to hit him with a spear. Maybe the girl needs to be a bigger part of it, showing fear. Good work and keep it up dude!

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    You are gonna add more goblins aren't you? I think the picture can do with more urgeny and dire to its atmosphere.

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    The drawing looks very good, but the emotion of the piece isn't really crying out. Here are some impressions:
    The hero doesn't know much about axes, as he's about to smack someone with the backside. He's also about to lose his loincloth and the the orc in front of him is anticipating it and doesn't want any part of this guy's homosexual fantasy.

    Except for the girl and the rock, this might be happening on the Charles River (BU v. MIT), because the orc to the far left looks like the coxsain (he's smaller, inactive, and looking back) and the three to the right look like they might be rowing (especially from the second from the right). I'm not going to guess who goes to which school.

    The girl's body language reads more "impatient" then "scared", like they were going out for non-fat yogurt when Tarzan here decided to stop off at the Kwik-E-Mart to hang around with his buddies. He's not getting any tonight.

    There's some impressive technical acheivement here, but the elements may not be wokring as well together as they could.

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    it looks good.

    i dont like the girls bored pose.
    make her scared,
    make her fight,
    make a demon raping her,

    the pose on the human is quite exciting.
    add that to the demons.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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