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    portfolio question

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me find out more about putting a portfolio together for sending out to jobs.

    I've read a thread at CA about how you put your best work and only the kind of work that fits the job that your applying for and such. But what I was wondering is how you present your work when jobs say "send in your portfolio, no cd's allowed" Do you just make copies of your work and throw it in a cheap paper portfolio, or do u send a real nice presentation portfolio? What about size of paper, sketchbooks and what not? I understand that when it comes to an actual interview, you have to bring the real thing, but for shipping purposes i'm clueless, especially when you don't know if they'll send you your portfolio back.

    Anyhelp would be appreciated greatly!

    I"m sorry if there is a thread on this already, please help point me in the right direction.

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    I don't have any experience with portfolio handling, but never ever ship your originals. Always keep your originals on your side. And even if you got the face to face interview and bring in the originals, never let it out of your sight. That's what I learned in graphic design class.

    If the other party say: oh let me keep your portfolio tonight and show this to another person tomorrow. You will tell them you can come back tomorrow with the portfolio. But don't leave it to them. Chance are, you leave it behind, they forgot about it, and you never get it back.

    Always a good idea to make a small booklet with works in your portfolio, you can make a few of those, leave them to the interviewer after each interview. Their memory will be refreshed when they see the booklets.

    And always bring extra copies of resume as well. I always run into the situation where the interview person would introduce me to another manager, and that manager would want a copy of my resume too. Even if there's copy machines, it's always a good idea to bring your own copies. Because the original interviewer may have circled and doodled on the copy they have, and make it a mess.

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    a lot of people will ship your portfolio back.
    but even your portfolio shouldn't be filled with originals.
    it should be a nice, clean reproductions.
    it would suck to lose it, but they are just copies.

    a lot of companies specifically state they will not return portfolios,
    and only reproductions should be sent.
    in this case, try not to just send color xeroxs folded up in an envelope.

    remember: your client is looking to hire someone who will make them look good!
    your presentation should be great!

    try printing nice small packets of your work, neatly bound, in an envelope.
    make the envelope have a picture on it maybe.
    have fun with it, be creative...
    but most importantly be professional.

    - Dan Dos Santos

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