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    When you break rules, is it still concept art?

    It seems to me concept art is basically traditional art.

    Traditional art is based on color harmony, value, perspective and form.

    Basically, is concept art the acknowledgement that you know the rules and you can create or is concept art just creation?

    Are there absolutes, and should you believe absolutely?

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    "It seems to me concept art is basically traditional art.
    Traditional art is based on color harmony, value, perspective and form."

    Only because it has to be to perform its primary function--to communicate an idea clearly to an untrained viewer. Without that communication, the concept part has no reason to exist other than as a personal exercise.

    "Basically, is concept art the acknowledgement that you know the rules and you can create or is concept art just creation?"

    "visual proof" is probably a better term to use than "acknowledgement." ...and no art is "just creation." A mosquito egg is "just creation" or at least proof of it. Art is the recognition that it is possible to create and produce a record of that creation.

    "Are there absolutes, and should you believe absolutely?"

    Yes. I "absolutely believe" there are rules and guidelines that I must learn to ensure that I can perform my function as an artist, and yes, I "absolutely believe" I can break every damn one of those rules if I feel like it. If I break any rule improperly, I will leave proof behind that I didn't think out my attempt properly, and I "absolutely believe" that everyone else will "absolutely believe" that I am a complete friggin' idiot.

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    Hey NoSeRider,

    IMO concept art is any art you can come up with. Therefore there are no rules. Putting down what the minds eye sees is creating the concept.


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    Agree with Ilaekae, concept art, or concept ilustration is a branch of art in wish you folow a lot more guide lines than any other need to more a lot more about what you are doing, and need to show the "concept" as clear as you can.

    The rules you can brake are binded to make them undestandable, for example if you want to brake proportion rules on a character, you make sure to your client, or to whoever you are showing the art to make clear wish proportions you deformed.(and why, in case they ask )

    Yuo cant leave a piece to be "free to interpretations", or make a whirly counfucing thing without context.

    Anything else but this si just art, or conceptual art ( something weird from around 1980), or all those pieces seeking the deep meaning.

    Resuming, concept art is a practical art, is made to show a practical idea, like a vehicle, or a character, or a place, or sometimes an entire world.....though nothing says you cant make a world of big headed cats with 3 hears and chiken legs hunting giant ants with pistols that fire long as you make it practical and reproducible in a story, game, etc.

    Well thats my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilaekae
    If I break any rule improperly...
    So there is the rule about braking rules? I think that everything in art could be put under some rule. We are happy that most of rules arent find.

    Problem is about using the rules. To me it seems like learning millipede to walk.
    Art should be natural, and spontanious. You can use rules, but try not affect source of beauty by them.

    I have seen so many thimes that initial roughs are better, more live, than final products, because they are done "from heart".

    EDIT: off-course, you will find some boss who have his rules.
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