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    Tech, design and pizza hut

    Tech, design and pizzahut.

    I've been wondering about the next step in tech, i mean all the designs believeable or not consists of the same thing or is limited too:

    From the wheel
    to plasma cannons
    and worm holes
    which haven't even been invented yet, but we've heard of it, and it most likely a possibility in the next, say 1000 years or so, providing we don't blow ourselves up. so i'm here wondering what the next step is? wat kinda tech comes after anti gravity devices, flying cars and pink elephants?
    Its like thinking up a new color... its impossible!

    I'm saying have we reached our limit on all totally new bases and not blended ones. now we can only make new outta old. all we can do now is continue to blend different tech and genetics? Are there no totally new bases we haven't come across, i'd like to think so, seeing how big the universe is.
    sorry i'm so shit at asking intelligent questions intelligently....

    sorry if people think this thread is pointless, but more pointless questions have been raised!
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    There are new base techs to be discovered, but it is of course impossible to say what they are, since predictions are based on a synthesis of the information that is already available. The cosmos still has many mysteries for us. I predict that the Large Hadron Collider(a particle accelerator) that is currently being built by CERN in Switzerland will discover something totally new and unexpected on a fundamental, physical level. This will happen next year.

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    When we learn to manipulate gravity waves the same way we manipulate electromagnetic waves, that's when things start to get interesting. Projects are under way to confirm the existence of said waves.

    Another area I find extremely interesting is the search for terrestrial exo-planets. When space telescopes like Kepler and Terrestrial Planet Finder are launched, we might get the answer to whether or not there are earthlike planets orbiting nearby stars. Expect such discoveries somewhere between 2009-2015.
    Discovery of such a planet will then lead to an extreme acceleration in tech development and will spawn a commercial, interstellar space race. I predict manned, interstellar expeditions are under way well within the end of this century.

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    The Future is a frightening never know what you will got after it "evolves" to past...

    but risk , no fun....

    and IF they are able to manipulate gravitation than this will spawn a amazing range of new products...gravity manipulation could be used in so many things...Cars for example...make them lighter...but with more grip...
    Spacetravel with some kind of gravity-accelerator...
    FLoating cities....
    Storage handling...
    New forms of Rifles....
    Weapons of mass destruction...
    now i totally flipped to the pessimists side....
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    we havent had the necessity to discover new technologies... i cant wait to see what kind of innovations occur within my lifetime.

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