Hello. i'm currently a University student and
majoring in Art. It'll take me about 1year and a half
to earn BA degree. But i'm thinking to transfer to
Art Center College of Design as a illustration
major soon and it'll take me 2.5 to 3 years to earn
BFA degree. I was wondering if it would be wiser
to graduate from a University w/ BA degree and
apply for graduate school for MFA degree or
attend Art Center for 3 years and get BFA and
apply for graduate school. I heard that if I
graduate from art center, I 'll not have hard time to
find jobs. If its true then spending 3 years to get
BFA at art center would be worth it. I may not need
to get a MFA degree. I don't know which way is
better for me and for my future job... I don't know
anything about illustration professional field.
Could you give me any advice. Thank you.