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    I hope you like my new pic.

    Maybe some addvices.

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    Nice Atmosphere ktk. Have you used a 3d program to make this?

    I think maybe you could improve it by subduing the colours of the windows a bit and possibly suggest some more mountains in the distance. I would also try and include some small areas of deep red, not much, just a couple of flags or something. It will set of the greens in the image and add more depth.

    But overall a good piece, I like it.

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    it looks a bit dark but it might just be my moniter.
    nice but a bit bland. 7/10
    'As life passes by we fail to appreciate the finer things, therefore capture its essence and radiance in all its glory. '

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    It's okay for a computer land-rendering app.
    It sucks for general Composition and Design.
    * Values are very limited. Very dark, very light, very little in-between.
    * Almost pure diagonal slicing of the canvas in half with the mountain rendering. Poor composition re-enforced with the bright white glow outline of JUST the main mountain, with some cheesy fog effect added to further call attention to it.
    * Bad 3-point perspective, with the castle angled forward to the viewer, while the mountains are presented almost "dead-on" to the eye.
    * POOR lighting on the roofs of the towers, which does not match ANYTHING else in the entire image.
    * Poor color choice, in that blue would not be that vibrant, nor that bright at any distance, particularly for the "weather" conditions as rendered. If that blurry white mess is supposed to be mist, or fog, it would affect the entire valley, not just the area directly behind the castle.
    * Poor values on the flags, as NOTHING in Life is THAT bright a shade of white except in direct sunlight, of which we see NO indication in this piece. Not to mention the bad rendering of triangles blowing straight out sideways, with no rippling whatsoever...
    * The Balance of this piece is terrible, even though the diagonal white should have bisected it cleanly. By having all the weight of the mountains, AND the castle on one side, with nothing but "air" (albeit, black, shapeless, air) on the other half of the work, the whole thing just kind of tilts over to the bottom LH corner, and squats there...

    Advice? Do some online studying of Basic Composition, and the Golden Mean. Then try re-designing this piece. It's not a bad idea, you've just jammed everything onto one side, and then slapped some really bad lighting effects onto it to try to "brighten it up" a bit.

    7/10 Concept, 2/10 Execution

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