Does anyone recall a school in LA or Pasadena that had/has a conceptual cartoon character creation class? There was a link I recall saving it. But now I can't find it.

I am interested in creating a 3D film (indie) and was looking for inspiration regarding character design.

I guess the story really comes first, but was that true with Mickey Mouse?
Didn't Walt set out to create a character/icon.

Has anyone seen this Chicken Little character for Disney's film?

Is this a rip off of Egghead Jr.? I mean if I developed a indie 3D feature with that Chicken Little character, I would be sued by Warner Bros.

Since I don't know how to upload pics into posts yet here is a link to what I am talking about.


Anyone have a book they can recommend about this type of topic, or input.

I already know the answer. Just use your imagination.
But sometimes that's not inspiring enough.

Looking around this site really gets me pumped, but I can't seem to find more cartoony styles to be inspired by.

Thanks dudes!
Peace Out