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    environment painting

    environment painting

    hi everyone,

    i thought it was finally time to pull up my sleeves and do an environment.
    i usually do characters or sketches, doing a more polished environment isnt really my forte, but i figured i needed to start for my portfolio's sake.

    this is my first environment painting, i hope to do one a week for the next seven weeks or so, (im graduating in 11 weeks), this one took me about 4.5 hours, (i hope to speed it up with more practice), and i figure it came out ok.

    im not really able to judge its worth since this isnt my area, so i thought i would post it and get some feedback.

    well thanks for looking


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    The foreground in this piece is extremely well done. The trees have just the right amount of detail to give them a kind of "dark forest" look and feel. However, the middle and background areas are confusing me a little. I think if you were to increase the contrast between the water on the right (our right) side and the isthmus it would define the land in the middle a little bit better. Also, you may want to add a character's silhouette traversing the isthmus to give the piece a defined focal point. These are just a couple minor suggestions though, the piece has a very strong mood to it which is a huge plus with concept art. Keep making new pieces, I look forward to viewing them!
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    Colours and overall mood are great. I think this could benefit from some crispier edges in places. You're a bit blurry, which could be argued as part of the mood of the scene, but if everything bleeds too much into the adjacent tone there's less to interest us. Also I would have tried some subtle reflected light in the darkest darks along the bottom margin, to promote the sense that there are muted but detailed forms there rather than just a large dark shape. Looking again I notice you've attempted this, but I would still like more convincing . If my teacher saw this she would likely comment that nothing leads into the picture--meaning, couldn't there be some twigs or something that start behind the picture and project into the scene? I tempt you to see if you can create the preception of another layer that's even closer to us than the current foreground elements.
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