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    I'd probably say that you should try and avoid using white and black for light and shadow, it tends to leave the picture washed out. Also, try and pay attention to you light sources, you have some really dark shadows at the neck and below the ears, but the bottom of the jaw is catching a light coming from underneath. Last thing I'll say is, study real faces more, how wrinkels form, shapes of the eyes, etc.

    you're doing well though, this is a pretty good picture. Keep up the good work and you'll be doing great work in no time

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    I'd say big-dave hit the nail on the head. I'll also add that skin tones are very difficult to learn to paint.. simply put, I find purpley shadows work best in this sort of lighting. Also where skin meets skin (like under the ear or nose and around the lips), the colour becomes much more intense.. a deep orange/red usually works for that. Highlights should be yellowish or a very light cyan. Always always tone your lights. Don't make them just white.

    Also I think you've made scleras of the eyes too bright. Eyes aren't white.. they're kind of a light beigey pink.. almost white, but not entirely, and they're certainly effected by light and shadow just as much as the rest of the face. The specular highlights you have there are kinda weird also. I'd make them more circular as a default shadow.

    I'm also not a fan of how it all fades to black at the bottom. Lets see some shoulder! He's not just a floating head, is he?
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