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    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Hi, my name's Adam Saltsman and I'm looking to intern in the video game industry this summer. My primary interests are story development, character design, programming, and environment design. While I can read about these things and do them in my spare time, a chance to do it in the real world before I graduate and am thrust out of my college would be....beneficial I've been obsessed with making video games since about age 6...anyways, onto my resume/portfolio. In about 2 weeks I will have a Gameboy Advance technology demo and an OpenGL/wxWindows-based 3D modeling program finished and available for download as a sort of programming portfolio. I also intend to build an art/programming portfolio site once school's out, but I haven't had time yet... Here's some images of game design stuff I've done in my free time for the HL mod I lead(i'll post my official resume here later as well):

    For more info on the characters below: G.H.O.S.T. Ops: The Avalon Project

    A Sample Character:
    The bulk of New America's national defense rests on the shoulders of the Peacekeepers. These heavily armored soldiers protect the nation's interests in international conflicts, and also serve as a crisis response team, when conflicts with internal resistance groups escalate beyond the abilities of the PSCS or C/ISD soldiers. These troops wear body armor under and over their distinctive jumpsuits, and can tote almost any weapon in the Private Sector's armory. They are noticeably slower than the PSCS or C/ISD, but make up for it with their heavy armor and firearms.

    Character Design (Zhu-stylin ):
    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Final Model:
    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Most Recent Character:
    Peacekeepers who meet strict physical and mental requirements get a chance to try out for the F.E.A.R. Battalion. These "Full Environmental and Armor Refit" soldiers wear the latest power-assisted armor to facilitate the use of previously unavailable firepower in heavy combat situations. Their suits are designed to operate under severe duress in any and every environment. They have fully self-contained air supplies, air- and water-tight armored joints, and can operate in the coldest and hottest environments known to man. They can withstand fire from large-caliber rifles, and can select weapons from the entire PS armory. Only a well-coordinated team effort can stop these juggernauts.

    Character Design (more comic-book style):
    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    The Finished Model:
    Finished Model - Click Here (large)

    A pic of one entire team of characters:
    Entire Team (kinda wide!)
    From a design standpoint, these were challenge because each had to be different and unique but they still had to look like they belonged together.

    Here's a face skin i've been working on lately - this is maybe 6 hours of work, but I was learning a bunch of techniques while I worked. This is from scratch with no ref pics:
    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Here's some classically dystopic "future" level design pictures...all the images are from Half-Life (sorry they're so dark!):
    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Looking for Summer Video Game Internship

    Blaine - An intuitive modeling package designed for game character creation. Features skeletal animation, gouraud-shaded interactive rendering, keyboard-driven interface (take THAT carpal tunnel!). Download available mid-April.

    GWTK - A gui toolkit for the Gameboy Advance. Allows programmers to quickly and efficiently create cursor driven interfaces and programs for Nintendo's cheap and powerful mobile platform. Download available in a couple of days, and the first major app (PlanAdvance, a personal organizer program), by myself, Jeff Randolph, Luke Williams, and Chad Thies, will be released by mid-April. The GWTK features oodles of auto-memory management, etc, freeing concerns of that ilk from the casual programmer's mind.
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