I'm looking for someone to work with me on concept designs and storyboards for a low-budget horror film I'm getting ready to pitch to the studios. It's a very fun project that should get seen around town (that'd be Hollywood) by a good number of people thanks to my extensive contacts in the industry. This is, for now, a non-paying job but hopefully it will lead to something more.

Just to give a bit of credibility to the whole thing, you can check out my IMDB listing (which is somewhat incomplete) here: IMDB for Ron Brinkmann.

The book I wrote a while back can be seen here: The Art and Science of Digital Compositing.

And the award-winning short film that I did (which is helping to get me all these nice meetings with various producers) has a page up here: www.hopethemovie.com.

(some nice stills from the short are, specifically, here.)

Please send email to "ron AT hopethemovie DOT com" (presumably you can figure that out :-) with any sort of information you might be able to provide about your work and I'll send back a better description of what this film's all about.

Thanks for the interest!