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Thread: some questions

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    some questions


    I'm new here and have a couple questions I'd like to ask the members of CA.

    First up, are there any good products I could use to
    spray over pencil artwork that will help to preserve the drawing that won't yellow or change the picture in any way?

    Second is the copyright issue. I'm an amateur and I don't have a lot of art that I fear I have to protect. I was just wondering if putting the copyright symdol next to my name on a piece of work is good enough to afford me some protection.I was wondering because about a year ago I sent some artwork over the internet to an artist (not on this board) and a few months later the character I had drawn ended up as another drawing on ebay. It wasn't a direct copy of the art I sent, only a drawing of the same character.It didn't bother me that much but it did bring up the concern if any idea that didn't have the copyright symbol could be used by someone. Do they have the right to create like work and call it their own?

    Thanks for any help the board can post up.


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    1. yes, krylon crystal clear is very good at preserving your pencil drawings.
    it prevents smudging and enhances contrast.

    2. everything an artist produces is copyrighten the moment he produces it.
    it is understood that he/she owns the rights to his own image, unless he/she is under contract from a second-party.
    putting a little "c" next to your stuff is just legal jargon.
    quite frankly, if someone wants to steal your image, the "c" isnt going to stop them.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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    Thank you

    Thanks DSillustration,

    I really appreciate your post. I have been doing the art thing for some time now. I really don't consider myself an artist as more a creator of art. Being an artist would be a few levels up from where I feel I am right now. I am working on getting better. Joining this forum and having the talented artists here ( like you ) answer questions makes me know I'm in the right place.

    Thanks a bunch , BP

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