Sketchbook: The @Sketchbook@ of Happiness (with eyes, and other sillyness)
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Thread: The @Sketchbook@ of Happiness (with eyes, and other sillyness)

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    Talking The @Sketchbook@ of Happiness (with eyes, and other sillyness)

    Just to introduce myself, im a 16 year old malaysian living in London. Like all of you, i love art. But only recently have i discovered concept art, and from then i was hooked. My favourite artists so far (still trying to find more) are Samwise Didier and the great John Howe.

    So it begins, my crappy sketchbook. Hopefully as i get goin on this journey of forcing myself to work and draw etc, i will slowly be enlightened by the criticisms and advice that i hope you guys can povide so that i may improve, hopefully. Wow, quite a lot of 'hopes' in one sentence. Anyways, ill post everything ive done in chronological order since June 2005, when i first laid my hands on the wacom tablet and entered the digital artworld. I will also work traditionally and post some pencil renders that i will be doing.

    hehe, my rendering of the Batman Begins guy. I really wanted more of him to be in the movie, cause he looked cool.

    Done for teleportation mishap DSG.

    Done for furry robots DSG.

    For this one all i had in mind was, orange fur with glowing eyes. The way i work on most pieces is that before i start i have a very vague idea, very vague. Then as i start to work along the piece i start developing parts of the piece. I dont have a concrete idea before i begin a piece, which is pretty bad sometimes.

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