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Thread: Phantasmagoria : Jason Snair's Sketchbook : Updated TODAY!

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    Darktwin: Thanks man. Not sure if this is what you meant, (perhaps you really mean I should just use larger brush sizes). Anyway - There's been some weird brush issues that seem to come and go, almost with no explanation. Sometimes it seems as though the "real brush" imaging is turned off...but isn't. Sometimes when I dab the brush on the canvas, instead of getting a cool looking, real-bristle brush, I get something that looks like a "target" symbol...and when i move the brush this target symbol just flows in that direction...but I still see the rings in that brush. I guess that's all hard to visualize...I'll try to save a jpg of it next time i notice it.

    Here's the final...or damn-near final version:
    Added the clouds, detail, went over the canyon walls one more time

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