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    Thumbs up Note from a new member

    I know that introduction threads are pretty useless. I know that this thread isn't going to stay at the top for long, but still I want to make a comment to anyone from this site that sees it.

    I'm impressed with all the art I've seen on this site! There are some very inspiring art pieces here.

    I still have lots to learn about drawing and painting. So far, I only have 1 painter project done, and although it's nice, it's not detailed to the extent of the art seen here. I'm going to give this sort of detailed concept art a try, and I'll share. Anyway, hello everyone!

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    Welcome to CA!

    Go ahead and post it, hell go ahead and make a sketchbook to keep track of all your progress online and such.

    You'll have a great time here. Welcome aboard!


    Only the heart intrinsically noble can succeed...
    Check out My Sketchbook: Leave critiques, encouragement, and good jokes within.
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    hey Woop Shotty! welcome!
    yes, the things that people can create with there imagination is just simple breathtaking! ..and all the stuff everyone comes up with on this site is by far the most inspiring.
    I agree!! start posting some stuff and add to the fabulous art collection of CA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willow-whisp
    Step up already and show us some art!
    Well, as I said, I only have one Painter project thus far. I have 2 more that I'll be making someday soon. I'll show some things I've made.

    Photoshop. The art behind a poster I made for a lan center I go to often. And here is a link to the image as it is in the place:

    Photoshop. I made this for the fun of it. It could work as a CD cover for a band.

    Painter. This is my first Painter project. It's also hanging up at the lan center.

    Photoshop. Just something I started in a print class at the high school I graduated from last year and finished at home. I started with PS5 and brought it into Photoshop CS. Major change in colors!

    Photoshop. Project that I started for fun in the intent of making a poster for my wall.

    Illustrator and a touch of Photoshop. It's a school project where I had to take a design quote and illustrate/portray it.

    Watercolor. A girl that I painted for a painting class at my school. The point of the project was to take any picture and use complementary colors to paint with.

    Illustrator. A poster project I did for an Illustrator class.

    Illustrator. A postcard project I made for a class called prepress.

    Obviously, all images are sized-down. These are just some of the things I've done.

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