If anyone read the thread, 'what innovative new game ideas do you have?' or something like that, you might have seen a quik draft of a game/mod idea I had. But, sense Ill be shipping off soon, I may never get to publish or get my idea out there. So, Im just gonna post the basics of my game here and in a few other forums to see what kinda response I get out of it. Farewell my brainchild...

This is an untitled Game/Mod that Ive been thinking of for awhile. Feedback wanted...

A quick run through of the story-

Basicaly the year is near the end of the millinum. Mankind has been in war for the last four hundred years with there own creations, The Synthetics. The war has been over for some forty years, and things are just now returning to normal when we begin to loose contact with colonies on the outter rim of human controlled space. A small fleet is sent to investigate, after a brief transmission, the fleet dissapears. Soon it will be learned that an alien threat has begun a war with mankind. For reasons that are yet unknown. They obliterate colonies on worlds that have no natural life. but on worlds that support life, the alien hordes seem to surgicaly remove or presence with ground forces. As If they only wish to remove our pressense, not damage worlds that support life.This has brung thier invasion to a crawl, but man has yet to form a succesfull counter-attack on the alien invaders. The only weapon that we have that has been effective against the invaders is the Asgard. The Asgard led the attack on the Synthetics that resulted in our victory. The Asgard is a mechanized machine, wich unlike the AI controlled machines that turned on us, this one has a human operator. A single person that is selected from the best of the best has their mind 'uploaded' into the Asgard, were they will live, forever, or until there destruction. The biggest advantage that the Asgard has is the battle armor he is equiped with. 90% of the armor is made from a metal/polymer that is nearly indestructible. He is also equiped with a matter stream converter, an expensive device that can 'materialize' any weapon from its storage banks. In other words, the Asgard can carry an almost infinite supply of weapons in its memory banks, then teleport them for use when ever he wishes. There have been five Asgards in the last 150 years. The A5 is one of the roles you play.
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What is known about the Alien Hord: Everything known about the alien invaders came largely from the Asgards.
They travel in massive ships. Their are three known,'hive ships'. Each is equal to the size of a small moon. One of the ships does not seem to be offensive, but rather a 'builder' ship. It may be designed to build their smaller ships, fighters and ground vehicles. Aswell as weapons and armor. The other two are controlled by two different species. One is controlled by the 'Hyperion' breed. These tall, brutish hulks are about 9 feet tall, with tusk protruding from their temples. They usualy lead attacks planetside. These powerfull creatures seem to pride themselves in battle.
The 'Ronin' breed are closer to our size, and have extremly quick reflexes and
masters of strategy. They mostly pilot the hives fighters, ships, aswell as fight along side their Hyperion brethren.

Ronin soldier
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The 'Builder' breed. Not much is known about these sense they never leave there hive. After the only successful raid on the Builder Hive ship, the A4 reported that the builders apear to be somekind of biomechanical creature.
We also believe thier is a fourth breed. One that runs everything.

It apears we've been caught in a war between two species that began hundreds of thousands of years ago in a distant galaxy. The Hyperion and Ronin races apear to have recently been 'chosen', like many species in the past, to lead the campaign on us. From what we've gathered, An ancient race has waged a war against the decendents of another species that evolved to an almost godlike state, known as the 'Jucati',a race that had evolved to an almost godlike state. They believe us to be one of their ancestors. Why they wish to wipe the decendents of this race out is not yet known. The only thing you realy need to know is, If we loose this war, We loose it all....

Sector Knight
Game Idea-Big read!

Now for the game: Basicaly, You are the A5. You start out on the your ship, the Palafox. Its a lancer class vessel with a crew of 200 soldiers, 50 Sector Knights as well as several ground vehicles and aircraft.
You are the commander of of your forces, and you choose what kind and how many forces to use for each battle. In other words, say your attacking planet X, you will play the part as the Asgard, you will also decide on how you should attack the enemy. You can load shuttles with proper soldiers, vehicles and weapons. Or you can also try and go in alone. You will follow a story, but you will also be allowed to freelance inbetween some missions. Keep in mind, what forces you start out with, are the same you have in the end. You do not get reinforcments. So if you use all twohundred SKs in the first few battles, you might have won those battles easily, but now your prety much by your self through the last missions.