Sketchbook: Newbie/Art Dump (Nudity)

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    Newbie/Art Dump (Nudity)

    Hey guys, Im new here. I looked around the forums here and I saw a lot of awesome art so I joined in hopes of getting some much needed feedback. Im mostly interested in figure drawing and recently I've been doing some anatomy studying so, without any further delays I'll let you see some of my art.

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  3. find yourself some anatomy reference and work from will vastly improve your skills.


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    he says he's done anatomy work.. i think it'd be more worthwhile for you to actually draw a hell of a lot of real people -- go to starbucks or something and draw everyone -- you won't have long to draw peoples positions so be as quick as you can to get down the general pose and more importantly PROPORTION!

    I think biggest problem with your work is the proportion of elements.. i see lots of over-large hands, foreheads, limbs.. all over the place.. work on this before you work further on anatomy..

    another exercise you might try is to draw many many small (no bigger than 1 inch high) figures in a variety of poses - aim to get the proportions correct.. this is an exercise mentler advises people to do and ive seen it help them a lot!

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    Thanks for the comments ! I'll do that sixBlade, sounds good to me.

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