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    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    Project #002 VOTING!!!!

    "Solar System alignment defense";
    For years Nasa and other space-research organizations have worried about the effects of a metor coming into the earth's rotation, yet it has now come to the attention of these organizations that for earth to survive as it is, ALL the planets in the system must be held in their natural orbit around the sun. If a metor were to destroy mars, the system itself would be thrown out of loop.

    It is up to you to design a defense system to protect the entire solar system from catastrophes.

    The guidelines are:
    • The defense system must beable to protect our entire solar system
    • It must have ability to protect against metor-threats.
    • Cannot upset the balance of the solar system.

    May 31.

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    User: Craig Houghton
    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    How does something the size of a housecat save the solar system? Well, the I.D.M, or Immolating Duplicating Machine, is rather fond of big families. IDMs are the 'weapons' of a system of small very inexpensive satellites that are released to corners far and near within the solar system. They monitor, and they wait. Upon verification from Earth, a satellite launches an IDM at any threatening heavenly body. Upon touchdown, the IDM begins to fragment the meteor into tiny pieces which it vacuums into it's belly for processing. Then, it uses those raw materials to build a relatively exact duplicate of itself upon it's back _while_ it feeds. Like inkjet technology in 3D, it lays out the parts of the complex duplicate tiny dot by dot. Then, there are two. The reproductive process continues exponentially with each one turning the raw materials of the meteor into another eating machine. A handful quickly becomes an army. Almost any object can be eaten within a few days, and when all that is left is a congomerate of IDMs, they disperse into empty space.


    User: faxmaster
    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    Just your basic big huge ship with a grappeling arm on front. More specifically, it hangs out in the outer edges of the solar system where it latches on to any threatening space rocks and uses its gigantic engines to redirect the asteroid into an orbit that doesn't involve the destruction of human civilization. It also doubles as a refuling sation for out-bound starships (hence the refuling white starship).


    User: young paddy1
    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    4 solar taps collects energy from the sun which they use to power 9 100 tera watt masers set at the centre of each of them, the maser fire is concentrated into one beam which is then sent to an automated spliter system which divides the beam into separate beams of different power ratings which are them sent to the planetary defence grids around each of the solar system's planets. The taps require more than a quarter of their own energy output to remain in solar orbit and to work the cooling systems onboard.


    User: Sammy
    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    he concept barely comes across, I may finish it up later if I get a chance.. --- an interstellar gaggle of manufacturing stations drift in seemingly random orbits about our solar-system ---- fixed with large 'magnifying-lens' cells, they're able to focus multiple beams onto an asteroid 'painting' their targets to mathematical precision.
    Small darts, no larger than your head, are shot out to intercept and plant themselves upon their target --- The station's magnifying-cells focus a concentrated beam of the sun's energy onto the darts. --- Inside the darts is a microcosm of algae and shrimp that grow at an outstanding rate producing excess gasses, causing the darts to 'balloon' up at aquard pressures.
    The gasses come at a constant rate and are filtered towards tiny combustible chambers --- the 'darts' then use their new means of combustion to steer their target slowly off orbit around the solar-system.


    User: BrainBug
    IDM - #002: Solar System alignment defense - VOTING!

    DM2 a.k.a. HOWLER Missile

    The IDM2 (Interplanetairy Defence Mechanism #2) also known as a HOWLER Missile destroys asteroids with the use of a high pitched frequency.

    Since sound doesn't travel too well in space the source has to be brought close enough to the target. And the target has to be surrounded by some sort of atmosphere, dense enough to pass on the soundwave. For that purpose scientists develloped a molecular structure that has a most peculiar effect when vibrating on it's resonant frequency.
    Once this frequency starts, the "dust" vibrates itsself into any target, like car battery acid biting through human skin (don't try this at home), This causes the asteroid to break up from both the out- and the inside. The remaining pieces are so small they don't really form a threat to any lifeform anymore, since inhabitet planets all have an atmosphere (artificial or natural) that can easily burn them up.

    The destruction of targets works as follows:
    First the HOWLER is launched towards it's target.
    Once in range, the head (commonly known as "DUSTY") breaks loose from the body (commonly known as "NOISY"). While NOISY brakes and starts to open itsself, DUSTY increases velocity and explodes when it is inside the gravity-field of the target.

    The FAA (frequency activated acid)-dust is attracted due to gravity and spread out by the time NOISY arrives to produce the soundblast which scatters the asteroid, much like your crystal glasses will break when an opera singer starts showing herself off in front of your house.

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    Although I wouldn't call Sammy's stuff a finished entry, I think I'm going to have to toss my vote his way anyway. Very interesting concept, and I like the thumbs for the balloon-bots (or whatever they are called).

    Craig probably had the most finished drawing, and the concept sounds pretty cool and workable. However, I think that the painting is a little confusing- it took me a while to figure out how the robot worked.

    (As a disclaimer- I had the intention of finishing my concept when I posted it, but, as you can see, I never did. Hell, I didn't even get close. Stupid school and its time eating ways (I'm assuming that was part of the reason there was such a small turnout for this).

    But its summer now, so... when's the next contest, Davi?)

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    I really like Sammy's, because the point of the IDM is about Design elements, unless I'm just being Naive. But he stayed true to the focues, thats wh yI chose him. Unlike the COW's, I figure that these focus less on overall presentation. I guess some people gotta find that out soon though =D

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