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    Phil "Osirus" Guest

    Oh this must be the 'talk to a wall' forum:)

    I think I've been heading in the wrong direction. I was trying to model in 3D every cool concept that came to my mind because I'm not very good at all at drawing (which sucks because it's the only thing I really enjoy to do and always thought I would draw comic books when I was a little kid).

    It's a bad idea because stuff like hair, grass, water, clouds, ect are extremely difficult to make in 3D. Let alone the fact that everything takes a millenium to model. So I suppose I'll try to draw again but I just need to know where to start. I have never drawn on anything else than white paper with an HB pencil. All I have is a mouse, so no tablet yet and I'm wondering if I should invest in one as I wonder if I'll actually get better or if it will be a waste once more:p

    Please enlighten me!:god:

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    vudu Guest
    The wall's speaking to ya

    To start drawing you just need... to start yeah, no special tricks or some secret art tecniques are needed rite now. I myself spent a lot of time foolin' around thinking of how nice I would draw when I learn how to... the only way here is TO START. Don't get yourself stuck in a moment

    But... to help you a little - my advice: buy some books... Anathomy, basic academical tecniques, perspective drawing, coloring (anything you find interesting). If you're going to create concepts it is very useful IMHO to have some encyclopedia on _everything_ : to create smth new it's important to know what was done before you...

    BTW white paper and HB are all you need at first

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    Phil "Osirus" Guest
    Thanks for replying! I have a big problem when I draw, I draw a bunch of lines over one another. Not sure how to explain it, but it's as if I just scribble. When I draw it's like *lines* *lines* *lines* *lines* all over, no nice lines. It looks like my drawing is made of hair. Not sure if you get the picture.

    And I noticed all the great artists on the front page went to some artschools. Me I always knew since I was a wee lad that I wanted to be an artist. Drawing is all I remember doing. But of course I was told that after school I could just "head in that direction". Well thanks to having focussed for years on stuff I didn't care about and which I already forgot in school, I'm 20 years old and haven't actually started doing what I like. "When you finish highschool, you'll know". Yep, I know I waste a lot of time and can't go back to focuss ONLY on drawing.

    I don't care if I couldn't write my own name, putting on paper what is on my mind is the only way I feel I'm alive (as cheesy as this may sound), so I feel quite dead right nowx:

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    vudu Guest
    Hm... no picture, but I understand what's your problem

    This hairy-type lines are not very cool, yeah. I used to draw that way too untill I went to art classes. There I was taught not to use that tecnique...

    Here is the basic exercise. When you need to draw something, use control points where you want the lines to be and then join these points. Like point curves in 3D... If you cant draw long lines with one touch - put points more dense. It's all about to draw lines in one touch.

    At first it would be inconvinient and slow way for you, but if you practice you'll get used to it and soon you'll be able to draw everything with a _single_ line without those points.

    BTW hairy lines can also be useful... at speed-sketching for ex

    about your situation: stop suffering. When I studied at school I was bored too. Now I've entered the academy I don't know wheather I would be bored there or not... but now I know that there is one easy way to get ito drawing... called non-doing (don't know wheather you understand it)...

    What are you doing when you're breathing? - Nothing
    What are you doing when you're drawing? - Drawing
    The thing is to do nothing when drawing

    Then you won't get tired and you'll stop thinking of being an artist, you'll just be an artist .... good luck

    o-ou... that's one long message

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