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Thread: out of place?

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    out of place?

    out of place?

    you have my apologies regarding the poor scan
    I'm just a 14 year old with a lazy eye and a dream...

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    I wouldn't exactly say it's outta place. I'm just wondering what the story is behind the figure. Yeah, the scan is kinda crappy- if it's finished art, there's no way it'd fly with a client.

    But just a few things that I notice...
    -the ears don't look consistent; not unless that was intentional.
    -so much texture in the eyebrows and yet none with the hair.
    -the thumb doesn't look as though it connects to the rest of the hand.

    Beyond's s decent start.

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    aye i cant really add much to what storyboard dave said here. good image apart from those li'l crits =)

    you got any other portrait-type linearts similar to this one to post in this thread? id enjoy seeing more of these n_n

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    To fix the top of that scan you could use MS Paint if you wanted to.

    If you had PS the rest would be a breaze as well.

    For the top though, just open it in MS Paint (if that's all you have), hit
    CTRL-A to select the whole thing, drag it up to cut off the horrible black bar and make the top appear squared up, CTRL-D to deselect. Use the eraser, CAREFULLY, to remove the gray. As I said before, PS would be ten thousand times easier, and could also give you a nice clean lineart that didn't look so grainy, but you have to work with what you have.

    I second the motion on that thumb. Check into that one. There also seems to be a bit to much going on in that neck.

    Is this pic cropped? I feel like we should be able to see all the exhaled smoke.


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