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    Going into business...Need help!

    Basementlife Studios is opening at Delta Lodge Kananaskis, a resort in Alberta, Canada.

    Housing and school this August will come to a total of $15,000 and I have $3,000. I can't get a loan from a bank because I don't have a co-signer. I can't get a loan from the Ontario School Assistance Program because my school is not credited to them being

    I want to be able to focus on school so I have to earn as much as I can which means I will work my crap-tacular job here and save as much as I can and also work extra shifts in the other departments of the hotel. (Can you believe that was one sentence).

    Now, in my offtime I have been drawing tattoos for people but I have problems actually charging them. The main problem is I really don't have enough confidence in my work.

    I'm thinking about $15/hr for my time but I don't know what I should include in the total time: the brainstorming, the 1st, 2nd drafts, final drawing, revision? Perhaps I should just aim for a $40 price tag and try to spend around the same amount of time on each piece?

    It will be pretty unofficial, just doing pics for co-workers, so I won't be handing out contracts or anything.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I need to go to school. This school situation is starting to push me under. I can't get anywhere without getting to school first, and I'm not sure if I can get to school.
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    It'd be easier to just set up a sample and tell them this type of design cost how much, and the more complicated ones cost how much. It's easier for the client side, cuz if you charge by hour, they'd start to wonder if you count "bathroom breaks" in as well. =P Although your cost for each type of design should be based on the hour cost. Like say if the type 1 design took you about 3 hours from sketch to finish, then charge 45 for it.

    Just make sure you get money up front, so they dont run away with it. Or at least half of it up front.

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