Hey everybody, I'm really stuck on my own so I wanted to ask this board for some information/advice.

I am going to art school this fall but my skills are really pitiful at the moment. I don't want to show up and be so far behind everyone else, especially since I have 3 months now that I want to spend more than anything on improving my drawing abilities. I have tried and tried on my own, but have come to the conclusion that I simply cannot help myself in this matter. I have also tried courses at the community college and they did not benefit me either...

I wish to hire a private drawing tutor that I could meet with several days a week for the next three months so that I could make some progress in my drawing abilities (and hopefully figure out how to help myself!). I had a 1-on-1 piano instructor before, and although I didn't stay long I learned things very quickly this way.

Does anybody know how I could go about finding/hiring a private drawing instructor? I'm going crazy with anxiety waiting to go away to school, and if I could make some progress before then it would give me a big confidence boost!

Thanks for reading; please reply I would really appreciate it!