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    im kinda stuck on this one, i dont know what to do to pull it through. Any CC?


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    a little more detail, ie background story, meaning, reason for painting it, etc would give a little more to work with it looks nice so far. can we get process shots and/or detail shots?

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    Um, I'd suggest to take out the blue on the upper left corner, and add mroe piles on the lower side. More shiny blue mine stones on the lower left corner, and probably enough to cover part of the stair footers. It may help the composition. And add some mine workers or things to suggest what is going on in there.

    Also, the lines on the mid-right section suggest it's an opening or a wall, and the column next to the character has no footing on the floor under the stairs. That all suggest the wall is pretty short, but i dont see any shading on the wall to suggest it's a short wall. Also, the column in the back appears to be too tall, with the short wall and the other column with no footing. You may want to work on those to make it more consistant.

    I like the color by the way. And this looks very interesting.

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    The perspective is a little wonky with the stairs in comparison to the office. The near blue bits, too, look to be very seperated from the piece, despite their cousins further in.

    Cool, though.

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    stoph has a good point as far as background is concerned, and reasoning. that would aid you in deciding what to do with it. but as far as other c&c goes, the only thing i can really think of is that the foreground needs something. i think having something a bit more solid in the foreground would really help balance out the image.

    that aside, looking bloody fantastic so far keep it up!

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