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    Projects and Projecting

    I started something of a "little" project recently. I call it my epic. It is a story. Well, it's more than a story, it's an epic, like I said. I have begun conceptualizing and writing some rough stuff. Really, I'm looking to write a book out of it. It's in a playful style similar to Harry Potter and The Narnian Chronicles. I have created a basis for a world, characters, and I am now populating this world with places, people and creatures.
    If anyone is interested, the story starts out in a forest. A girl in a white dress (who I have named Sam for now) wakes up to find herself in a very strange place, the aforementioned woods. The first creature she meets is a fly, who accidentally flies in her yawning mouth. After spitting it out, it speaks to her and flees immediately after. The second creature she meets threatens her life, a great bear/boar with scraggly purple fur and a taste for soul-shadows.
    Soul shadows are the lifeforce that drives the world. Every living being has a soul shadow and leaves soul-sillouettes behind in times of great emotion. There are those who are born with the ability to see soul-shadows, who are basically the police of this world.
    In short, the story, or epic, is about Sam, as she travels through this unfamiliar world, trying to find her way home to our world, and all the time something is chasing her, slowly catching up to her.

    Now, if you are still reading this post, I am looking for a concept artist to aid me in creating this world by drawing concepts for the environments, creatures, and people who populate the world. I would love it if someone gave it a shot. If you know anyone who might be interested, lead them to this post pelase!
    I will be putting up a website to post sections of the story as I develop it and would love to be able to show the art that would flesh the world out. I am a budding artist, with several months behind my belt, but I'd like to concentrate on the writing and have another mind help develop the visual style. I'll post more on this soon.

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    You might do better posing this here

    So would this a non paying job? You might want to clear that up, it really helps in getting artists interested.
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