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    Tree Meka thing.

    Seeing that lost of people have been posting their CG challege
    entries I thougth, what the heck! Im gonna post mine,
    I know I still have a lot to learn, but overall I ended up happy
    with this one:

    Tree Meka thing.

    Story: In the XXX century the ONU in alliance withe NASA developed an
    exploration suit to colonize Mars, because of the green house effect that
    reigns in that planet, the robotic suit (servant) was a mixture of carbon
    dioxide eating plants, trees and sea plankton,the first on the top of the robot,
    the second in the tank were the pilot resides, this specifically genetic ingenier
    plankton would allow the pilot to bread in a similar fashion as amniotic liquid
    does, and will protect him or her from the damage of the exterior elements
    infrared rays, cold, ect.
    The robot would respond to the many location sensors of the pilots suit to
    move,the the suit of the pilot would have the ability to levitate (with
    magnetic sensors)in the plankton in response to the need to acomodate
    himsefl in the possition realtive to the outside grounds, the robot would pass
    on the feedback of the outside world thougth the suit, and the human would
    repond accordingly, special contact lenses would allow the pilot to see what
    the robot is seeing as well.
    This Robot would gradually change the climatic conditions of the planet as
    well as provide the most necessary oxygen and water for the human pilot
    (master) still some extremist factions started some manifestations because of
    the organic nature of the Robot, which lead some to believe that plants were
    the ones colonizing Mars and that we were mere tools for them to find a
    locomotion system.

    Only time can tell...
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    Hello, Senor I always love your crazy concepts. You come up with such original stuff. Overall, I'm liking the composition, and I like the slightly blurred effect on the leaf at the end of the trail..just subtle enough to really work. But if I may comment/critique I would say that, the focus of your illustration is the robot and the pilot of the robot. As such, I think this particular composition really loses that. Your main elements take up such a small amount of the picture space and seem so far away and hard to read, that I really have to struggle to see what's going on with it.

    Given the size of the robot compared to the human, I'm not sure what, compositionally, I would change to make this more focused. A tighter shot might feel too crowded and not show off the environment, but I think you could compromise with a slightly tighter shot still showing a bit of the enviro.
    "Every generation sees the past though the lens of its own time." - Thom Hartmann

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    good to see you postin' an entry! This is one of the strongest pieces i have seen you do. I am really diggn' this. Bravo!

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    Hot damn thats a clever concept.

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    fukifino: Hey bro! good to hear you still dig my work he he
    About the compo yeah I think you are right on that one,
    time was running short and I had to take one anlge and
    start to paint to make it, so I chossed this one casue I liked
    the angle but in the end the angle took over the main focus
    of the paiting (now that is something I will keep in mind for
    any of my next finished pics for sure) like you said maybe
    a cropping and subtle change of angle would have been
    a good idea, but now the challenge is closed and I have to
    learn to live with my learing mistakes he he THANKS for the
    cricit as well it was most helfull man, keep those coming!

    loomer: Thanks man, Im happy to hear youy diged this pic,
    Im happy with it as well (even with all the short comings
    it has he he) It was a good learing experience.

    KenDeathwalker: Thanks dude! It tooked some time to
    find a concept that was not the typical master-servant
    idea, In the bases of the contest they said that you were
    supposed to be original so I tryed.

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    At first i wasn`t sure how this will look at the end as i looked at the steps in your sb but now i know it= it looks very nice well done take a beer *givesMaxetormerABeer*
    Quote Originally Posted by Ilaekae
    "Art is the physical result of your soul battling with your intellect to the death...with a sharp pencil..."
    Baron Carnifex
    Duke Corky

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    Weird concept. I think the robot would look better without a face, faceless robots always freaked me out and a face on the tree crosses the thin line between really unsettling and all too corny. So the tree wouldnt have a face, instead there'd be a large robo eye on the chestplate or something instead of whatever is there now. Just an idea.

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    corky13: Duuddee thanks so much for the props and the beer;
    we should go take one in real life some day bro
    you too keep on trucking.

    ryanwh: Yeah now that you mecion it it could be a good idea
    anyway to be honest I like the face, but I aways love to
    hear suggestions, and I will try that idea out if I pursue this
    idea in the future, thanks for posting!

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