Sketchbook: Sketches from Zack's Black Books.
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Thread: Sketches from Zack's Black Books.

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    Sketches from Zack's Black Books.

    Ok, a big post but I guess this is my introduction, so...

    Had an artistic side all my life and was raised on video games and comics. Always been a sketcher and a doodler, rough stuff though, never really serious studies or full page drawings, and usually non-realistic. I have had experience with digital image software as far back as Print Shop Pro (B: drive floppys in DOS lol), and I would consider myself moreso a designer than an artist, though I concede the line separating the two can be very faint sometimes, and I do work on both sides.

    My deviantArt account has a lot of samples of my work with Photoshop, Illustrator, 3dsmax and some of my photography (3d environment renders are further into the gallery). That's here;

    Only started working on a serious sketchbook around Christmas 2003, usually thumbnails, storyboards or quick idea scribbles. Here are some of the more presentable things from my current book.

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