Here we are with another memory issue for the old faithful, 6.1

The facts:
In order to run on Windows XP with 2G RAM and such, I had to set my paging file to 0. Worked fantastically, and has for nearly a year now since I updated to XP, SP1.

Well, now at starting Painter, I get a pop-up about 3/4 of the way through the cycle, after a couple of the palettes have popped on-screen, and the pop-up simply has a large red X and says Tiles: Out of Tiles...

I'm guessing that this is a memory issue, but am really stymied here. I did an un-install through Painter's program group and it didn't get everything, so have done another un-install through the Win control panel. Now going to install from my disc and (really old) 6.1 patch.

I can't help thinking I'm going to hit this again though. I've changed no settings or info in the month or so since I used it.

Anyone else come across this error? This long into using the app with great success?

Win XP Pro SP 1
Painter 6 patched to 6.1
Win paging/virtual mem file at 0