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    Yeah baby, I love this board
    Im so happy that i found it...

    First of all i want to introduce myself. I'm 17 years old and I come from Germany. I draw since I am 13. (Okay i have even drawn before, but these pics are.. ehhm.. away )

    In front of my school-ending i asked me, what profession is the right?

    What are your professions? Do you like them? What can you advice me (not) to do?

    Im sorry for my english, I give my best.
    (You are very welcome to correct me ^^ )

    Greetz from germany

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    hello!, and welcome my friend...

    I do illustration as a profession, and I love it...

    I've always had people trying to put me off doing illustation as a career by telling me...

    ...I wasn't good enough to be able to make a living at it...
    ...It would be futile to go to university to train at it... had to be already wealthy to even think about it...

    ...and other things designed to deter my optimism, and like an idiot I listened and ended up in a crummy shop on a crummy wage... It was whilst working this dead end job that I decided to go for it... AND IT PAID OFF!!!...

    which is why I would urge anyone who wanted to become a working artist to...

    ...I could murder some worms!!!....

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    MMMMMM Frischfleisch

    Hi Neuer. Hoffe du fühlst dich hier wohl

    I do every kind of stuff but im not a professional as im just 18...but i plan to go pro in the future...not the near but hey
    Quote Originally Posted by Ilaekae
    "Art is the physical result of your soul battling with your intellect to the death...with a sharp pencil..."
    Baron Carnifex
    Duke Corky

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    jawfish, I hope same can happen to me. =)
    I work as an IT and web site developer for a small agency. It's not a bad job and at least I'm able to support myself and even have some extra money to spend on, have nice coworkers and all, but I can't help to pick up a pen and doodle whenever nobody's looking. I'm trying to get better with my art and hoping it'll lead me somewhere.

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    hehe bin auch 17 und komm aus deutschland.. hmm

    only thing i can recommend if you want to go for a professional art career is practice the shit outta you. practice all the time. learn the basics such as anatomy, perspective (!), form, lighting, drawing and shading techniques.. line quality is also important so you should practice drawing straight lines and ellipes and circles every day, too..

    hope you enjoy your stay at and have a good time here. lotsa inspiration to get, so get it while it's fresh.

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